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You discover the arrogance of Le Corbusier's resolutions, whom Jencks describes as a young polemicist already in 1914 (at the age of only 27 years old), after he left the new section of the school of art, founded in 1911 in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
As a historian, a political polemicist, a 'learned lady' with scholarly pretensions, an independent and fearless critic of all she thought wrong, Catharine Macaulay broke every rule in the eighteenth-century book on how a woman should conduct herself and the role she should occupy" (131).
Knott notes that the Marian polemicist Miles Hogarde pointed specifically at Askew's fractiousness with the Anglo-Catholic officials as proof she was no saint (58-59).
French author, Christian polemicist, and political figure who was deeply involved in the long literary battle that has since been called the querelle des anciens et des modernes.
The contemporary movement that seeks to restrict liberty on campus has its roots in the provocative work of the late Marxist scholar Herbert Marcuse, a brilliant polemicist, social critic, and philosopher who gained a following in the New Left student movement of the 1960s.
Le Corbusier was such a prolific journalist and anthologizer of his own work that he sometimes appeared more powerful as polemicist than as architect or artist.
French novelist, critic, and polemicist, a fervent Roman Catholic convert who preached spiritual revival through suffering and poverty.
Christian economist" Gary North, Rushdoony's son-in-law and star polemicist of the Reconstructionist movement, is widely cited as a spokesman for free markets, if not exactly free minds; he even served for a brief time on the House staff of Rep.
Yet while he was a great designer, (occasionally) a great poet, a fine craftsman, and a brilliant political visionary and polemicist, he was not perhaps head-and-shoulders above his all contemporaries in any particular field.
Lewalski's introduction convinces her audience of Speght's importance as the "first Englishwoman to identify herself, by name, as a polemicist and critic of contemporary gender ideology" (xi).
As a result of this translation, modern readers will be able to judge Sepulveda as royal historian rather than simply as polemicist.
This is partly a testament to Cheney's skills as a polemicist and an indication of just how seriously she views her subject (and, to her credit, she never contemplates state control or censorship in any way, shape, or form).