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He was an art and ballet historian of repute, a stirring polemicist for dance, a half-decent novelist (his Flesh Is Heir can be read with interest today), a very underrated poet (his Rhymes of a PFC is a delight), a playwright and the sponsor of the American Shakespeare Festival Theatre in Connecticut (which he later regretted, believing American actors would never be the match of British), and a man whose dedicated work for City Center and Lincoln Center changed the cultural face of the nation.
Reviewing his life and career as an economist and polemicist, we find a story of unexpected, unprecedented success promoting ideas that pushed against the Zeitgeist and in many ways managed to change it.
Polemicist Michael Moore analysed this phenomenon in his book 'The Culture of Fear: why Americans are afraid of the wrong things'.
With his urbane wordplay, Brand is gloriously witty, shambling from one observation to the next in completely random fashion, while sometimes becoming more of a rogue polemicist than a conventional comedian.
Parsley's World Harvest Church has hosted prominent socially conservative firebrands, such as polemicist Ann Coulter and former senator Zell Miller, to extol Blackwell's candidacy.
Navasky tells how he introduced the British polemicist to The Nation in 1980 and how the relationship ended, with Hitchens storming off before the Iraq War with an ill-tempered farewell.
In his letter to Lamb, Kenneth Stern, AJC's specialist on anti-Semitism and extremism, noted that: "David Irving has been found by a judge to be a pro-Nazi polemicist, a racist, an anti-Semite.
Not only was Mannix the most influential church leader in Australia's history, but he was also an important leader of the Irish Catholic community and a pro-Irish, anti-British polemicist with wide influence; and he also emerged after the Second World War as the leading anti-Communist influence in the Catholic Church, without whom there would not have been a split in the Australian Labor Party giving rise to the emergence of the Democratic Labor Party and the decline of the unfortunately unbalanced Dr.
Hamilton, at first, displayed a "slashing style of attack would make [him] the most feared polemicist in America," writes Chernow.
These extremely entertaining shorter pieces by the Basran belletrist, polemicist, philosopher and scholastic Abu Uthman Amir Ibn Bahir Al Jahiz (776-868) aims to give the inrerested reader some insight into the interests and style of Islamic literary culture during one of the most fertile and creative periods of its history, and to instruct us on matters of moral and social concern.
What holds the various analytical themes together is the all-important figure of the lay writer, in his or her varied role as apologist, polemicist, educator, or critic: indeed the emergence of the lay author and his or her interventions in political affairs is one of the most interesting and innovative aspects of the whole era, pointing forward to the modern notion of the ecrivain/e engage/e.
No surprise, then, that the cogent if uncommanding left-wing polemicist has a different take on the Sept.