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Vegetarian polemicists commit this fallacy when they use the term "waste" to refer to the livestock manure that our food system wastes.
Many polemicists "assumed that wealth, not civic virtue, was the basis of political power," Pincus notes.
some years after Hecker's death, engendered derisive commentary by right-wing polemicists in France, who coined the term "Heckerism" as an ideology to be deplored.
At the center of Bellow's fiction stands a series of high-minded, earnest, and voluble monologists, prolific thinkers, stylish polemicists.
But until the fire dialogues rise above their participants' separate convictions that each of them is the only one with a true understanding of nature, polemicists and position-takers will continue to run amok in the woods, and fire and fire policy will continue to be misunderstood.
No one has ever thought Walpole was politically chaste--least of all the journalists and satirical polemicists of his day.
In "Entheos," he wrote of the work of "Time, Patience, and most of all Reflection" in the Temenos experience, dismissing educators, historians, and polemicists of "the New.
Although early Christian polemicists never used the term gnosticism, they did create strategies and frameworks for defining themselves against the beliefs and practices of others.
As Mitchison ascerbicly points out, however, these polemicists never explained why relief from voluntary charity would encourage more independence than relief from state aid.
Bernal reexamined and reintroduced into his assessment the thoughts and works of ancient writers, commentators, and polemicists of the classical period in order to demonstrate his thesis of the Afroasiatic roots of classical civilization.
In texts and performances, anti-Marprelate polemicists utilized this strategy to viciously lampoon "Martin"-"the Ape, the dronke, and the madde" (26) -- though their efforts could backfire and create audience sympathy for this Bakhtinian "lord of misrule" (28-31).
Abbett was what rightward polemicists today would call a "revenue-hungry politician.