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Chapter 3, "Bartolome de las Casas: Polemicist and Author," is an obligatory reading for anyone interested in this sixteenth-century advocate of Amerindians rights.
It focuses especially on the theme of anxiety around the corruptibility of male friendships, juxtaposing concerns about the influence of Jews and homosexuals in British political and literary life from Dickens to Oscar Wilde, with Marx, Disraeli, and Gladstone as the key political polemicists.
It does not appear likely to me that the Protestant polemicists who turned it against the Society of Jesus had misquoted it, since the original would serve their purpose: "Sint ut sunt, aut non sint:" "Let them [Jesuits] be as they are, or let them cease to be
There is a countless stream of polemicists eager to argue the case for or against her premiership, whether their views are aired in the comment pages of broadsheet newspapers or the bar lounge of the Dog and Duck.
Sure, the group was signed to Sony Records--the very sort of machine that these boys raged against--but they never pretended to be anything other than polemicists.
Although conservatives have claimed him as one of their own, no one has been more scathing in his criticism of such political figures as Hoover, Taft, Eisenhower, and Reagan or more contemptuous in his dismissal of such celebrity polemicists as William F.
He was one of the finest debaters and polemicists in the profession.
And the disagreements among editors, publishers, and polemicists did not conveniently track lines of color and geography.
CORRECTION: While facts are stubborn, statistics are more pliable -- allowing polemicists to draw their own confusions.
This book seeks to discover the rhetorical strategies by which pagan polemicists attempted to marginalize their religious opponents, and it posits a shift in the polemical boundaries drawn by pagans against Christians, discussing the anti-Christian works of Celsus, Porphyry, and Julian in successive chapters.
As is the case with most polemicists, Qutb selectively cited passages from the Scriptures whose interpretation justified his stance with regard to the role of women in society.