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The other historical public, political and cultural events incorporated (via the inclusion of the newsreels) in the fictional narrative of Len's emotional and professional life contextualize his personal choices, just as his outspoken opinions polemicize these historical events.
Taught history, we have learned to preen, to polemicize and to prevaricate.
Approaching the past from a feminist point of view, these revisionist historical novels polemicize not only about the discrimination against women in former periods, but also about the erasure of women from the historical record.
While the Democrats certainly have the right to polemicize against Nader and urge voters not to support him, they have taken their fear of his candidacy to new levels.
It was a quite common practice amongst the right to polemicize against "the three K's," that is the Kizilbas, the Kurds and the Communists (Bumke 544).
Indeed, Ward does quietly polemicize against what are somewhat contrasting, poststructuralist viewpoints (although she does so with general tact).
However, he also uses these facts to polemicize against the RCAP and others for both their "analytical neglect," (133) "brutal logic," (134) "implicit stigmatization," (135) and for invoking a traditionalist, reified and "frozen" Aboriginality (136) which overemphasizes reserve-based Aboriginal people and ignores the large urban population as "lost souls.
Until critics of guns and the gun culture recognize that fact, they are only going to alienate gun owners and polemicize the gun debate.
Anyone who heard Maurice Samuel lecture (as I did), or who has read some of his books, can attest to his facility with words and delight in wrestling with ideas, his readiness to polemicize, his sharp wit coupled with a seriousness of purpose.
Occasionally scholars write of our "Westphalian system," but only cooly to categorize and chronicle not to pronounce or polemicize.
In Brennendste Missionsfrage he did not criticize or polemicize, however.
But even those who polemicize against historical criticism remain "critical" scholars.