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In a word, some of the contributors to this volume seem possessed of an ideological agenda embodied in basic contrastive oppositions (East/ West, modern/post-modern) that may be as problematic as the orientalist forms against which they polemicize.
Occasionally scholars write of our "Westphalian system," but only cooly to categorize and chronicle not to pronounce or polemicize.
Throughout the past thirty years, both by example and exhortation he has asked us to do more than theorize, philosophize, polemicize, and fantasize about higher education and its effects.
In Brennendste Missionsfrage he did not criticize or polemicize, however.
The overriding urge to polemicize comedy, to find in every scene morally instructive "theses," for example, confers upon the action a consequence and seriousness appropriate to tragedy.
I also review books about feminist issues, and that's often the occasion for me to discuss or polemicize about those issues.
Latins like to polemicize and argue and Mexicans are no exception.
But even those who polemicize against historical criticism remain "critical" scholars.
While calling for articulating common dreams and hopes, this imperative has remained largely empty, as Gitlin continues to polemicize and ostracize rather than to synthesize and offer constructive perspectives for a better future.
In other words, in a poem such as "Beggars," Wordsworth chose self-consciously to reflect the historical rhetoric of limitation used to polemicize against the extension of governmental services to the poor.
Since Greek times the theater has been a place for religious commemoration and the debate over public values, and even today plays can memorialize as well as polemicize.
Employing basic formal permutations, the two videos aptly polemicize this point: In Misunderstanding, 2006, a series of minarets, filmed closely and without context at an oblique angle, begin to appear like so many cruise missiles, while Oil and Sugar, 2007, depicts a white block made of sugar cubes becoming slowly saturated with petroleum, turning completely black before suddenly disintegrating.