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This book represents a much needed counter-move to a number of celebrated recent presentations of the doctrine of the Trinity that have polemicized against a doctrine of the immanent Trinity and have floundered because of their failure to understand the importance of this doctrine.
10] As these people witnessed the Revolution's descent into Stalinism and the party's tactical zigzags, many polemicized for years on behalf of various non-Stalinist socialisms, and then in the Cold War gave up on socialism entirely and adopted a variety of political positions fro m liberal to reactionary.
The publication of the English translation of Histoire de la Folie (in an abridged form as Madness and Civilization) in 1965 saw its immediate recruitment to the anti-psychiatry side of a highly polemicized debate taking place as part of a general questioning and rejection of the institutions of Western reason.
Recent historiographical interpretations of Catholic evangelism are thus polemicized around the relationship between Christian conversion and the wider colonization and assimilation of Aboriginal people which occurred in the late nineteenth century.
The popular postmodernist view of multinational corporations as "transnational" octopi, ruthlessly exploiting the world's workers but rendering global imperialist war obsolete, is a 1990s version of the Kautskyite denial of incipient global war against which Lenin polemicized as far back as 1916.
In a wholly subjective attempt to give a rational explanation for the discrepancy and following the widespread tendency to use a scholar's name as a label,(20) he, or his source, polemicized against the authority in the field, Aristarchus, who was thought to be primarily responsible for the numerus versuum.
Even the anti-rabbinic Karaites polemicized against Christian claims.
In tones as aggressive as those of Davidson, he polemicized against the German capital:
Rather, the debate was conducted principally within an arena deeply colored by controversial and polemicized social and cultural issues, a field of action that in its mix of anger, fear, and hope approximates Stephen Crane's notion of a Civil War battlefield.
He also polemicized against Schelling and Hegel, and in 1815 he wrote a new introduction to David Hume which was intended to serve as an introduction to his works as a whole.
Thus, it obscures the fact that from about May 1922 (when Schwitters published 'i (Ein Manifest)') to about April 1923 (when Metz 2 appeared), Schwitters, who typically polemicized against Dada on behalf of his own Merz-Kunst, actually became heavily involved in Dada in Germany and Holland.
It was natural that the new Catholic missiology in many respects either drew from or polemicized against the "older sister," Protestant missiology.