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In Loving Her, Shockley foregrounds and polemicizes same-gender loving, which functions as the primary idiom through which transgression is articulated and enacted in the novel.
35) Powys' essay polemicizes with the German psychologist Hugo Munsterberg, professor at Harvard and author of an intervention into the violent discussion on the causes of the First World War that sought to swing American public opinion towards Germany.
While calling for articulating common dreams and hopes, this imperative has remained largely empty, as Gitlin continues to polemicize and ostracize rather than to synthesize and offer constructive perspectives for a better future.
Playing off August Wilhelm Schlegel's critique of the taste for "das Zwerghafte" ["the dwarfish"] (28) and the euphoric miniaturizations of Jean Paul's Schulmeisterlein Wutz, the narrator polemicizes against this fashionable poetics of the diminutive and infinitesimal aimed at packing "den ganzen Olymp in eine NuBschale" ["the whole of Olympus into a nutshell" NB 117].
Stupidity (incomprehension) in the novel is always polemical: it interacts dialogically with an intelligence (a lofty pseudo intelligence) with which it polemicizes and whose mask it tears.
Although each offers a passing critique of contemporary practice (Calvin polemicizes against veneration of Mary, Bucer against monastic celibacy and Anabaptist views on drinking), the clear theme of the passage for both is the awakening of faith in Christ among those present.