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35) Powys' essay polemicizes with the German psychologist Hugo Munsterberg, professor at Harvard and author of an intervention into the violent discussion on the causes of the First World War that sought to swing American public opinion towards Germany.
While calling for articulating common dreams and hopes, this imperative has remained largely empty, as Gitlin continues to polemicize and ostracize rather than to synthesize and offer constructive perspectives for a better future.
Jackson Diehl polemicizes against the Obama administration's continued focus on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process generally and the settlements specifically.
and polemicizes against an understanding of wisdom as the guarantee of a long, successful, and happy life.
The subject of this book is therefore the presence of marital love before the modern period, and it polemicizes against the idea that the centuries before this were unrelievedly misogynous and misogamous.
I say at its best because contained in Blues People is a kernel of the proscriptive aspect of Baraka's later Black Arts work in which he polemicizes against jazz musicians relying too heavily on the European art music tradition (or the "mainstream" pop tradition) at the expense of blues and rhythm & blues.
But it seems to me that Ha-Levi polemicizes against a philosophy that uses mystical terms and concepts.
Soloveitchik's unwillingness to bring his theory into practice in many ways justifies the traditionalist position Hartman polemicizes against.
Those passages from Women in Love in which Birkin polemicizes against "the merging, the clutching, the mingling of love" (200) are well known and much commented upon.
Through careful and compelling analysis of the polemical nature of Lessing's argument in reaction to contemporary writers on the same subject (the historical priority of Virgil's representation of Laocoon in relation to sculptors of the same period), she suggests that Lessing borrows the structure of his argument from the very critic he polemicizes against.
16: 46, the great Alexandrine theologian polemicizes against heretics who claim 'that the God of Law is not good, but just and that the law of Moses does not contain goodness, but justice'.
Dov Halbertal polemicizes against Israel's mixing of synagogue and state.