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I still remember one of my seminary professors polemicizing against the unofficial, but widespread Lutheran Ubertragungslehre, the doctrine of transferring ministry from the people to the pastor.
Rather than merely polemicizing, Tolkien usually provides a positive alternative to the evils of the Machine Age, leaving readers with a clearer sense of what he advocates than what he opposes.
One of the things that is lacking in this country is not the noise level of the Arab-American groups complaining and polemicizing, but their support for an effort to educate the American public about the Middle East, what it is really like and what our stakes are there.
Four years later, after polemicizing against Franz Joseph, he returned to Italy just as neutrality toward Austria was ending.
3) In autumn of 2002 she requested, with ponderous irony, honorary membership in the Campus Watch organization's listing of Middle East specialists polemicizing in their classrooms on behalf of Radical Islam and against Israel and America.
foreign policy--tendentious polemicizing that more often than not gets in the way of more dispassionate film analysis--comparing the Nazi Kondor Legion's infamous bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War with a claim of indiscriminate American napalming of Vietnamese villages as deliberate terrorist acts is a bit of a stretch (p.
It is not immune from charges of polemicizing, or even ranting.