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The Third book of Denkart takes up moral and theological questions, polemicizing with Islam.
It is not immune from charges of polemicizing, or even ranting.
In the new century, Kipling took up a variety of intransigent and mostly illiberal causes, polemicizing against democracy and women's suffrage, in favor of military conscription to meet the German menace, of the right of Protestant Ulster to take up arms against Home Rule, and of an economic "iron band," which would hold together the empire: "Within that limit Free Trade.
To take up the theme of eloquence becomes, as it was for Cicero, a medium or occasion for eloquent philosophizing, polemicizing, display, self-reflection, and self-assertion.
I attended the four-day conference on the future of work in 1998 and again in 1999 (when--ethics in reporting--my expenses were paid because I gave a talk), and I'll go back if I can, because something is happening there that is probably best described by the word thinking Not polemicizing, though there is disagreement, but conversational give-and-take, which is relatively, unusual at gatherings on this topic.
In "La Malinche: From Gift to Sexual Contract," which displays a feminist reading of the quest for national identity and of the historic role played by Cortes's famous mistress, we can see Franco polemicizing against other authors' lack of ideological criticism, such as Tzvetan Todorov or Stephen Greenblatt.
And it may be authentic, but as in so many other cases, it may simply be a case of rival Christian positions polemicizing against one another, each ascribed to Jesus to gain clout.
Daniel Lasker's "Saadya Gaon on Christianity and Islam" treats the rivalry between religious minorities under Islamic hegemony by examining Saadya's far more extensive polemicizing against Christianity than against Islam.
Hegel is not referring to some deep mystery or to our own animal nature, at least not directly; he is polemicizing against Hume and naturalism.
This has significant consequences for film studies, especially insofar as the film theory consequent upon the 1970s advent of psychoanalysis, semiotics, Marxism, and feminism continues to do a better job of polemicizing against traditional realist aesthetics than of positively re-imagining either reality or the Real.
Hanson was right to follow the reviewer's view that Meletius was polemicizing as well against a distinctly neo-Arian theological emphasis (see The Search for the Christian Doctrine of God (1988), 383).
Polemicizing against Bloch's "principle of hope," he proclaimed his "imperative of responsibility.