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Before we turn to an evaluation of contemporary polemics in the Turkish press through the lens of this conception of critique, it is indispensable
Up to a certain point, it can be viewed as normal that AKP spokespeople and even Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu would stand up to back Erdoy-an in this polemic.
She begins by clearing the field of commonly held misunderstandings of the polemics fueled by the protagonists and authors on whom she focuses.
Lander begins Inventing Polemic by recounting Swift's satiric literary allegory The Battle of the Books, in which "ancients" and "moderns" wage war by way of personified volumes attacking and counterattacking each other on the field of King's Library, offering the early eighteenth century a retrospective on the futility of controversy fueled by "enthusiasm," excessive inspiration.
On the basis of four cases, part 1 focuses on rhetorical structure, technique, duration, and goals of vernacular religious polemics, plus profiles of the protagonists.
What must never happen is for theatre and the others to be endangered by being required to respond to the politics or polemic of a government - of any hue.
I returned briefly to the polemics against me in the media, and said that I wished to forgive the journalists who had quoted incorrectly from a report of a private meeting, without ever taking the trouble to check back with me.
The defense of Church documentation and approval, along with the polemics against philosophical skepticism, reveal more about Varghese's motivation than what he calls the "noumena" and "phenomena" of Marian apparitions.
I would like to see her explore an Estranged Jewish Reading of the Fourth Gospel and compare it to the polemics of other Jews who find themselves estranged from mainstream Jewish life.
In the case of memoirs, political polemics, and, from any political camp, exposes, these qualities are part of the rawness, interest, and attraction of primary sources.
Islamic Mysticism Contested: Thirteen Centuries of Controversies and Polemics.
And, after all the polemics surrounding Spanish concern Endesa's takeover of the Chilean energy sector with control of power distributor Enersis and producer Empresa Nacional de Electricidad, the companies combined to lose almost half a billion dollars ($482 million to be exact) last year.