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The convert was invited to Braniewo (Brunsberga) in Varmia, where the first Jesuits' house in the Commonwealth had been founded in 1564-65, to tell the gathered polemists about the motives for his conversion.
According to a post written by a former propaganda official, the Internet polemists are required to protect CPV leaders against criticism posted by other bloggers working for other leaders.
34) When these facts are considered, what struck the Western polemists as lack of discussion and haste in the conduct of the Council in Trullo can be seen in a different light.
At the same time, to my knowledge none of the Ruthenian Orthodox polemists supported the idea of the soul's cleansing after death by means of fire.
Polemists like Foxe and John Bale often depict the papist persecutors as imposing their wills on their victims in a way that brings sexual pleasure to the perpetator.
Some Sunni polemists even claim that Shiites attribute Mohammad's mission to "mistaken identity" by the angel Jibreel, who was supposed to have given the mission to Ali.
While this reading successfully accounts for the defeatist stance of non-royalist poets Milton and Marvell, a larger question might still be raised as to how the vitalism of a Harvey and a Cavendish, both committed Royalists and polemists, may have served a conservative agenda which advocated a distanced yet still active central power.