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POLE. A measure of length, equal to five yards and a half. Vide Measure.

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Where these teams are poles apart, though, is in their ability to keep hold of the ball.
The title Poles Apart sets out the playwright's stall.
| POLES APART: Nordic walkers stride out at Greenhead Park (s)
But the two sides remained poles apart on crucial issues such as the Syrian crisis, the Cabinet formation efforts and next yearA's presidential elections.
11 (ANI): Restaurants in NYC have managed to mix two poles apart kitchen ingredients together - olive oil and alcohol - for their cocktails.
Scaffolding, statue still stands poles apart, silent aloof, While exultant tiles, piles high, Await promotion to the sky.
Legs of a Japanese school girl in the subway, a Goth woman caught in between two worlds while trying to shield herself against the sun with what appears to be a Hello Kitty scarf, and pictures of a dingy but bustling DDA market of Shahpur jat seem poles apart but on contemplation one can easily get Tankha's point.
"(North Korea) has not shown a position different from its previous one, regarding measures to prevent the closure of the industrial zone from happening again, and the North's positions are poles apart from ours on other issues like measures to protect (South Korean companies) investment," Kim told reporters.
Opposition can have a consensus stance on different matters but collectively our stances are poles apart, he underlined.
But they are poles apart from the vast majority of health and safety professionals, whose vital but largely unrecognised work ensures most people return home from work every day unharmed.
What is needed is for the union and the airline to come to some agreement, but they remain poles apart."