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On the occasion, DPO Hassan Mushtaq Sukhera said that assistant police force would provide better services to layman at police stations at distrust level.
He maintained that due to the immense sacrifices of police force peace prevails in every corner of the province and that is why people who could not come to to this province are now coming with metal tranquility.
Their decision to give up on the reserve force is the most important because we do not need any kind of militarized police structure but a democratic police force that will protect the property and lives of citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina,' Campara told FENA.
The IGP and the police force have very important roles to play in stemming the tide of rising ethno-religious sentiments played by opposition politicians and in combating the scourge of terror, he said in statement here today.
Khan added that three police force members were killed and one policeman was injured in the clash.
Expressingcomfort over the standard training given to the new ATF's cadets CM Balochistan said, security of property and lives of mases was the prime job of our police force thus the new cadets were being trained following the specific circumstance of Balochistan, "I want to assure people of Balochistan that police force would continue progress in order to build sense of security among masses of Balochistan and would carry on actions against terrorists and criminals disturbing peace in our province.
According to the code of conduct, the police force would remain completely impartial during
Of all the recommendations, the committee has rightly identified that the police force lacks proper training in dealing with emergencies.
Eight members of the police force are residents of Daanbantayan.
The Hong Kong Police Force will organise a series of activities under the theme of Serve and Protect Hong Kong 175 Years in celebration of its 175th Anniversary next year.
The DPO Sajid Kayani has said on the occasion that no stone would unturned for welfare of police force including provision of free of cost education and health facilities to family members of police martyrs as well as provision of education and medical facilities to families of in-service police personals on special discount.
QUETTA -- Balochistan Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohsin Butt has directed the police force to perform their duty with dignity and honour, saying further measures are being taken to equip them with latest weaponry and modern training.

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