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was the prime responsibility of police force and no leniency during official duties would be tolerated.
66 percent of the total police force that consists of 1 lakh 98 thousand 653 police personnel.
Serving the nation and the masses is the responsibility of the police force.
Our government seeks making the police force stronger so that they can fight terrorism with more courage,' he added.
Now all jobs are provided after passing the NTS,' he said adding that competent and educated officers have been inducted in the police force.
The IGP also indicated restructuring in the capital police force, and said courses and training would be arranged for officials.
If one looks closely at the Police Federation survey they will see that it is the northern police forces that are the most despondent, and the southern forces are more upbeat.
Tenders are invited for Arm Of Bops Civil Work Sub-Head- Supply Of 21St Bn Itb Police Force Panthachowk Srinagar Jammu And Kashmir For The Year 2017-18
Women make up less than 2 per cent of the total Pakistani police force, though a 10 per cent quota is reserved for them, according to a latest report.
That President Duterte himself admitting nearly 40 percent of the police force are corrupt should be enough basis to discontinue and re-evaluate the government's approach to the problem of illegal drugs.
District Police Officer Haripur Shehzad Nadeem Bokhari was addressing to the introductory ceremony of newly established Community Police Force with the co-operation of Public Liaison Committees at Haripur.
Turkish daily Milliyet newspaper reported on Sunday that President Nicos Anastasiades had proposed an international military police force for the federal state to intervene in a crisis.

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