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Fabie however missed hitting the police officer and was shot by another police officer.
MPA Ijaz Khan Jazi, who is also Head of CM Inspection Commission, had called on CM Punjab Sardar Usman Khan Buzdar and lodged complaints against the police officers on which the CM ordered their removal from offices with immediate effects.
In the video, the police officer is seen negotiating with the person who broke the law as to how much money should be paid.
To ensure his friend's concern is addressed, Albayalde talked to the police officer over the phone and instructed him on what to do.
As per a security plan devised by the Rawalpindi police, some 500 policemen, equipped with latest weapons, including 36 elite commandos and 25 lady police officers, will be deployed from Rawalpindi, Chakwal and Jhelum districts as part of the security arrangements, while 1,100 police officers will perform duties in shifts during the festival.
The first one occurred at Mallam in Accra, where a driver and his mate were alleged to have assaulted a police officer who was also supervising traffic.
He said that if Mr Dasti was not considered for some post, it would be a rare case that a BS-22 police officer retired without doing any assignment in his last three years of service.
In 2016, Cyprus had 573 police officers per 100,000 residents, which is over six times Hungary's ratio of 90 officers per 100,000 residents, the lowest of the countries measured.
The veteran journalist went on to call the police officer son of a donkey' (gadhay ka bacha).
(2) In this article, we use a content analysis to explore how this incident was covered in the news media; then we rely on the experimental method to understand how alternative framing of the same incident produces changes in how people view the professor and the police officer.
The number of assistant police officers has crossed the 1,000 mark in Estonia and more and more people are completing the assistant police office training program every year, spokespeople for the North prefecture of the police say.

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