police officer

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KP police have only four police officers in BS 20; however, they have lack of 14 more officers in BS 20.
Officer Bennes has set a standard that police officers in this city ought to live by.
Antonio Rueco, police chief of Rizal, his wife Mary Jane Rueco and brother Herminio Rueco, who are both police officers, and two other officers identified as Jose Baquiran and Joven Jimenez were in a police vehicle that hit a landmine and were shot dead by members of the New People's Army in Rizal town, Cagayan on Sunday, chief superintendent Francisco Jose Villaroman, Cagayan Valley regional police director said in a report that reached Metro Manila's police headquarters.
This will see the loss of two police officer posts and 22 police staff posts.
2001) (subject simultaneously shot by two police officers after she threw a knife at them); Kerman v.
A significant positive result of being both a police officer and a lawyer is that training and experience in one profession results in greater perspective and skill in the other.
Gradually, more police officers arrived, and they told us we had to leave our bicycles.
County has never convicted a police officer in a brutality, case--the county's dark comedy has cost its taxpayers plenty.
A veteran police officer with the Vallejo Police Department was slain about 2:45 p.
His name was included on a list of 39 police officers who have been killed in the line of duty since 1978 which London PC Norman Brennan handed in to Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street earlier this year.

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