police officer conduct rude and possibly illegal

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Country: United States of America
State: New Jersey

OK well to start my boyfriend and I live with a roomate..and about a month ago our roommate gave us permission to get mail in the mailbox. only he's Spanish and didn't clearly state which mailbox was ours. My boyfriend tried opening it and it wouldnt move..someone called the police saying he was trying to break into it.only he wasn't. The officer he had spoken with gave him a big run around and then left. Now a month later the same officer stops me and my boyfriend at 1 in the morning..where he proceded to tell me to keep walking..he told my boyfriend "that he doesn't fucking believe that shit..don't lie to me you' ll piss me off"..my boyfriend said that he wasn't lying, which he isn't, the officer still didn't believe him and told him that he could bring a federal case on him for tampering with a mailbox, if my boyfriend didn't meet the officer at a discreet location somewhere to talk. My boyfriend and I think this is very shady and unlawful..we think the officer is trying to bully my boyfriend into narcing on someone. We don't know what my boyfriends rights are in the situation and how we should handle it.


It is odd--and any meeting should be at the police dept if at all--
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