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"It takes some time to compare finger prints," thought D'Arnot, turning to look at the police officer.
D'Arnot turned back to the window, and presently the police officer spoke.
And then he stood at ease, self-revealed in his own sinister identity--a police officer in plain clothes.
She trembled--she whispered, "Who is he?" Julian spoke to the police officer without answering her.
"Ask Horace why the police officer is here?" he said to Mercy.
She spoke (pointing to the police officer) in clear, ringing, resolute tones, audible in the remotest corner of the room.
Julian stepped aside (with his aunt's eyes angrily following him) and spoke to the police officer. "Go back to the station, " he said, "and wait there till you hear from me."
His guards, taking him by the arms and coat-collar, forced him to rise, and dragged him towards the steps that lead to the gate of the fortress, while the police officer carrying a musket with fixed bayonet followed behind.
Hardly had the police officer observed Comminges at the end of the Rue Cocatrix when he said one word to the coachman, who at once put his vehicle into motion and drove up before Broussel's door.
The cries which the police officer repeated twenty times: "In the king's name," were powerless against this formidable multitude -- seemed, on the contrary, to exasperate it still more; when, at the shout, "In the name of the king," an officer ran up, and seeing the uniforms ill-treated, he sprang into the scuffle sword in hand, and brought unexpected help to the guards.
Those were perfectly proper words, within the tradition and suitable to his character of a police officer addressing one of his special flock.
"Well, well, we won't argue about that," said the police officer good-humouredly.

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