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Just as he was leaving the station a policeman came up to him, and said, "Mr.
The policeman went on writing in his notebook; twice he put his pencil in his mouth, and once he dipped it in the treacle.
"But I'm afraid I can't have my policeman's uniform?
Jurgis gave vent to a cry of dismay, cut off suddenly by the policeman, who seized him by the collar.
"I can just imagine what a funny figure that policeman cut!"
"'Tis probably the cat," said Policeman Cleary, and walked hastily in the other direction.
A policeman, under orders from his captain, clambered to the lofty seat of the coal waggon to arrest the driver.
"It's not the first time, either," said the policeman, severely, shaking his head.
"You'll be singing next," was the policeman's diagnosis.
"For that matter," said the other policeman, "I allow that hell must BE something like that.
And taking the policeman by the hand he drew him towards the seat.
A policeman came charging down the sidewalk and bounced through the doors into the saloon.