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The first phase of vaccination, which covered 638 thousand children under the age of 5 years, was held from July 19 to 23 in order to prevent the importation and spread of poliomyelitis virus in the country, said the chief specialist of the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyz Republic Roza Jakypova.
13) Dr Gey's roller-tube technique for tissue culture was another significant scientific contribution and was used by John Enders, PhD, and colleagues in their work cultivating poliomyelitis virus in nonnervous system tissue.
Director of Ministry of Public Health and Population's office in Hadramout Coast Al-Abd Ba-Mousa told the Yemen Times that there are fears of the poliomyelitis virus, more commonly known as infantile paralysis or polio, spreading because of the extent of stagnant water and destroyed infrastructure in most districts of the governorate.