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It discusses how the local historian operated as part of the life of the polis, and fulfilled a political role.
Comparisons of scorpions have often noted the lack of activity on vegetation (Bradley 1988; Warburg & Polis 1990).
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Just how well the wise Phaiakian leader Alkinoos (whose very name means "strength of mind") has ordered his polis is directly reflected in the city's landscape.
The tremendous significance in Homer of the polis, this new and evolving form of social organization, is perhaps most vividly illustrated by the fact that the "dramatic setting" of the Iliad is a town besieged, which "makes the question of a city's fight for survival fundamental" (Scully 2).
Polis suggests utilizing topical products that may assist in collagen production, such as ascorbic, glycolic, and retinoic acids.
At one point, the female releases him, and he comes back to her mouth," Polis points out.
So one night Polis took a portable black light onto some sand dunes in the Southern California desert.
Sometimes poleis enter into the civil strife because of the regional conditions (dia tous topous), because the land is not well suited for a polis to become a single unit.
His predecessors are driven by their fear of diversity to demand an extreme unity that is ultimately destructive of life because it denies or seeks to eliminate the multiplicity that characterizes the world we encounter through our senses, which is the world where the polis must exist.
Stripped down to its core, Patterson's argument is this: that the fact and presence of a large servile population in the Greek polis produces by reaction what he calls a "chordal triad" or "tripartite value," of "personal, sovereignal and civic freedoms," all developed out of a sense of oppositeness to the slave's state and condition.