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The sub-title makes a further claim: Geometric art is Homer's art; Homer, the emergence of the polis, and Geometric art go together.
But at a Polis municipality meeting, attended by local officials, fishermen and a spokesman from the fisheries department, at the end of last month a third site was suggested.
Polis, would establish a new competitive grant program in the Department of Education to encourage and enable successful public charter school models to expand and replicate.
Polis, whose district is mostly suburban Denver and mountain resort areas, says his sexuality has always been a secondary issue for his constituents, who elected him based on his Iraq, education, and health-care stances.
The post Arson at Polis warehouse appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Police said the man called the local station at around 8pm telling them he got lost in an unknown area in Polis.
Jared Polis, a Democrat who represents Colorado's 2nd Congressional District.
Polis on All-STAR," said Nelson Smith, President and CEO, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.
The openly gay population of Capitol Hill expects to see a 50% increase (from two to three) in the form of Jared Polis, a Democrat from Colorado's second congressional district, who, if he wins as expected, will be the first openly gay male nonincumbent elected to Congress.
Polis, ASI President stated, "Professor Alexeff and our other contract researchers are making important progress on this technology.
The Paphos chamber of commerce and industry plans to enhance the artificial reef created in June with the sinking of the Laboe , and is setting its sights on creating a second reef in Polis , the Cyprus News Agency reported on Sunday.