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He said people are often eating more than half a day's worth of calories when they polish off a bag of chocolates in front of the television.
ANYONE still struggling to polish off the Christmas turkey was advised today to throw it to the birds.
He also has the presence to become a genuine sporting superstar if - as he claims in Sunday Mirror Sport today - he can polish off Schu and end the German's long reign.
The Moors saw off Conference North outfit Droylsden in the FA Trophy on Saturday, which suggests they have more than enough class to polish off their struggling visitors at The Brewery Field.
Polish off the small bag on your way to work and you've blown 20 percent of your day's calories, 70 percent of your day's sat fat, and 90 percent of your day's added sugar quota.
PETERBOROUGHmissed the chance to leap out of the relegation zone by failing to polish off arch-rivals Northampton.
2) Dorothy Shirey and husband Jeff polish off one last meal at Barbata's Steak House on Friday night.
Fellow quickies Christian Prior 2-49 and Mike Williams 2-9 off three stunning overs, chipped in to polish off the Moorfield challenge, only Ian Maher, with a battling 32, making any impression with the bat.
Barry Hills always has his team ready to score at the first time of asking at Town Moor and Polish Off can do just that to his rivals in the Badsworth Maiden Stakes.
JOHN DARKER and Les Dines aim to polish off the opposition as franchisees with cleaning firm Dublcheck.

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