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Olympic rower Tom James put a shine on his selection for the 151st Boat Race by helping Cambridge polish off a Polish international 8 in a River Thames dress rehearsal.
You were psyched to polish off all those totally intense term papers before holiday break.
So you polish off a couple $3 bottles of wine at dinner, real responsible-like, and the next thing you know you've got one of those awful "wine headaches!" Not to worry, because a company in Michigan has invented a cure with the catchy name of, "Chaser for Wine Headaches." According to Living Essentials, the healthcare firm responsible for the Chaser, this patent-pending formulation of activated calcium carbonate, vegetable carbon and vitamin B2 attracts the "headache-causing elements" in wine and keeps them from entering the bloodstream.
So I would polish off my perfect day by eating a fine French meal while gazing out at the Eiffel Tower, all lit up after dark.
Polish off your look with their fantastic range of jewellery and accessories from 99p.
Third-seed Wozniacki took just over 90 minutes to polish off her Russian rival 7-5 6-4.
The Lions had needed only 6.4 overs to polish off the final two wickets of the Australia first innings on a scorching morning.
He said people are often eating more than half a day's worth of calories when they polish off a bag of chocolates in front of the television.
He also has the presence to become a genuine sporting superstar if - as he claims in Sunday Mirror Sport today - he can polish off Schu and end the German's long reign.
The Moors saw off Conference North outfit Droylsden in the FA Trophy on Saturday, which suggests they have more than enough class to polish off their struggling visitors at The Brewery Field.
Polish off the small bag on your way to work and you've blown 20 percent of your day's calories, 70 percent of your day's sat fat, and 90 percent of your day's added sugar quota.

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