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The collie listened, with his wise head on one side; he grinned when she described the polite gentleman with sandy whiskers.
I meet a great many Americans, who, as a general thing, I must say, are not as polite to me as the people over here.
Everybody is polite to Mrs General,' said Little Dorrit.
A slight haze still lingered in the air after the storm, for Fanny was very humble and tender that evening; Tom a trifle pensive, but distressingly polite, and Polly magnanimously friendly to every one; for generous natures like to forgive, and Polly enjoyed the petting after the insult, like a very human girl.
Let it be something very polite indeed," said Valentin.
Then they saw the French Rolls, who were very polite to them, and made a brief call upon the Parker H.
I was rather anxious, the next day, to know what course my polite and pugilistic instructor would take.
James, the polite widow explained that she had heard from the housekeeper of the disappointment experienced by Lady Montbarry in the matter of the rooms.
She raised her eyes for a moment to mine, and took refuge, poor soul, in a conventionally polite inquiry after my health.
Major Fitz-David lifted his well-painted eyebrows in polite surprise.
C-c-l-y:--No, it is not polite to use "Holy Moses" or "dodgasted" in ordinary conversation.
Geoffrey rewarded him for his polite forbearance by knocking him down.