polite act

See: courtesy
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2 : a polite act or thing to say <He offered no civilities, not even a hello.
For example, can I suggest[R] a means of thanking drivers who give way or otherwise acknowledge a polite act ?
We would like to point out that we only examined those types of impolite acts which we found more recurrent in the scripts analysed: (a) formally impolite acts with a polite purpose; (b) formally polite acts with an impolite purpose; and (c) fustigation impoliteness.
In both corpora indirect fustigation strategies are expressed through the use of off-record strategies, polite expressions or hedged utterances, which are similar to the ones used to express formally polite acts with an impolite purpose.
Concerning the use of formally polite acts with an impolite purpose, the high frequencies obtained in the AmE movies may be due to the high individualistic culture favoured by the North-Americans.
Her teenage angst is presented in tiny, surly yet polite acts of defiance, climaxing--is that the word?