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Sir," said he, with his usual politeness and his unwavering smile, "you will greatly oblige me by not caricaturing my personal peculiarities.
My own conscience and your politeness, sir, are the guarantees of that.
Bennet by admiring Mrs' Phillips's manners and politeness.
Which it is well beknown to yourself, Pip," returned Joe, strengthening his former mixture of argumentation, confidence, and politeness, "that it were the wish of your own hart.
She is young, rather pretty modest and unpretending, and full of winning politeness.
It would have required the penetration of Oedipus or the Sphinx to have divined the irony the count concealed beneath these words, apparently uttered with the greatest politeness.
She was right; in a few minutes he appeared, and, making his way through the then thinning rows, spoke with like calm politeness to Mrs.
Now and then, losing his calm as he felt himself more and more foolish, Hayward became abusive, and only the American's smiling politeness prevented the argument from degenerating into a quarrel.
He said exactly what common politeness obliged him to say, and no more--he said, "Yes.
Two bad colds and one bad headache," he said, with ironical politeness.
My aged admirer gently dropped my hand, and, with all possible politeness, changed the subject.
He was not a man with whom it was worth while wasting politeness.