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He has written extensively about imperialism (or hegemony, in politer terms), and much more sympathetically than is the general academic norm.
Roller- coaster", "tumultuous" and "violent" are some of the politer adjectives many traders used to describe their start to the year.
Despite the fact he's on his third marriage and known to be, in politer circles than his, "a ladies' man".
On the politer official side, it is cloaking itself in "concern" over security matters to block the Liberals election promise of 25,000 Syrian refugees by Christmas.
The UK creative agency, which still symbolically sits at the centre of everything, has stuttered, losing flagship accounts such as Dixons and Direct Line last year, and its creative output has been -- as people politer than me might say -- patchy.
Other examples include Isabel la Politer (196) (1327) (polisher), (197) Matilda la Swon (1327) (198) (swineherd), (199) Malyna la Roperes (1311) (servant of the roper or of a man named Roper), (200) and Alice la Brewes, (201) (brewer) (202) (or more likely a servant of the brewer, given the "s" at the end).
But there's one promise I can guarantee will never happen, and that's Labour's plan to give us politer MPs.
The twist to the event is that entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their business, product or even just their idea to panels of potential investors in what will hopefully be a slightly politer version of BBC Two's Dragons Den.
this fear is shattered and most prejudgements and personal judgements concerning others guy's culture and character is dismissed and awareness about culture, language, religion of one another increases, while employees be more enthusiastic to acquire cultural knowledge and use it at workplace to confirm its verification (meta-cognitive aspect), also spontaneously they be more friendly, kinder, politer, more tolerant and duteous to one another.
However, many who have watched from queues in front of immigration booths and then themselves endured the sort of quizzing that sometimes borders on the offensive, will have wondered why these officials could not be a little politer, a little more welcoming.
By incorporating Afrikological notions of human solidarity which are based on the assumption that all people share a common underlying humanity, we looked further and pictured the symbolic cultural and social resources such as clusterism for negotiating a politer human identity.
A leading political analyst recently told me according to some surveys he has participated in, people in this country are increasingly preferring the soft, the politer and the gentlemanly discourse; they want to hear the truth not abuses and they are well capable of sifting the grain from the chaff.