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Big Donna introduced me to the politer and thankfully un-Big lab supervisor Steve, who smiled apologetically after Big Donna had lumbered back out to the floor.
Mishmash, compromise, blot on the landscape and a great dollop," were some of the politer descriptions he had for the building recently voted Coventry's-mosthated.
Our favourite example of these completely unfounded associations between standards in grammar and moral standards is Philip Pullman's satirical observation in his NATE conference address in 2005 that teaching children parts of speech will result in 'better writing, as well as making them politer, more patriotic and less likely to become pregnant'.
They go into administration, accept a one-off ten-point penalty, welsh on pretty much all of their debts to people outside the game - there is a politer legal term for it but let's not use it - and then they carry on as before.
He was not the only one to react in this way - several deputies and other party leaders have done the same, though in politer language - but the only consequence of this was to give ammunition to the government camp.
Steve Dub in Carmarthen It was a take on Carwyn Jones' perceived policy on the Welsh Government's fiscal powers, one that politer critics call timid and the more forceful wonder whether it deserves to be called a policy at all.
Only Southern Baptists, the most retrograde among the mainline Protestant denominations, and some fired-up evangelicals on the fringes of Christendom still target Jews explicitly for their missionizing efforts, but they are considered gauche by their politer, more politically correct co-religionists.
mountebanks put on a sort of slapstick comedy, using the characters, devices, and gigs of what would later be called (in politer circles) the commedia dell'arte " (238).
Anulus olcusu alinarak, uygun protez kapak 2/0 politer plejitli tek tek dikislerle anuler pozisyonda oturtuldu.
It cited safety; and while visibility to and from the street is a valid concern, "safety" is also a politer word than "tacky.
I mean, sceptic is one of the politer terms being used to describe those who do not embrace calamity.
Prince of Darkness is one of the politer names he has gone under during the course of his career.