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Assuredly he did look then, though he looked his politest, as if any real philanthropist could have desired no better employment than to lash a great stone to his neck, and drop him into the water flowing beyond the dark arched gateway in which he stood.
However, Grewcock, in the politest possible manner, believes Johnson has a long way to go to match the World Cup winning side they were both part of seven years ago with his current crop.
The decision to allow Lehman to fail is now widely attacked by even other central bankers, among the politest of all bureaucrats, as a gross error.
Inconsistent is the politest word I can use to describe that.
in , " Suneet explained: ' Sex is the politest way to talk about fashion.
Indeed, as NYU seeks to initiate its 2031 plan, which it released a few years ago, it seems to be seeking the politest and most unobjectionable building it can get, with the most dull and emulsifying half-tones, such as you find at the Kimmel Center as well as in this new proposal.
After working with pupils from Breckon Hill Primary School, he described them as some of the politest children he had ever met.
When he was introduced to the media by ESPN as its newest analyst Tuesday, Tim Tebow suggested through his remarks that he might be the nicest, politest, humblest person ever to hold a microphone.
Plunged deep into relegation danger by a horrific 6-0 defeat at Hull City, the Cottagers simply appointed Ray Wilkins, the politest man in English football, to their coaching staff.
2005 on the minimum requirements for ensuring health and safety at work with video display and view the service Occupational Medicine, the type of prophylactic examinations in District Prosecutor~s Office - Sofia is defined as followsUrine with politest of indicators - pH, specific gravity, albumin / protein / sugar, acetone, bilirubin, urobilinogen, blood tests - biochemical blood test for cholesterol, triglycerides (lipid status) and blood sugar; ophthalmologist - an overview and visual acuity and refraction, internist - history, status, blood pressure, ECG reading, reliance on laboratory tests.
Committee chairman John Whittingdale said, in the politest possible way, that he and his committee were frustrated that Sir Brian's response to their inquiry was: "Read my report, it's all in there.
Queues at the chair lifts rarely lasted more than a few minutes and were some of the politest you could ask for, with no pushing or standing on your skis.