political agitator

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Nellie, a political agitator, marches on while her husband is imprisoned as a conscientious objector.
In the late 1800s, a German writer and political agitator named Wilhelm Marr published a pamphlet called "The Way to Victory of Judaism over Germanism.
o A leading Russian intellectual in nineteenth-century Russia, philosopher, novelist, essayist, and political agitator, Herzen was also its first socialist.
Sammy's kind-hearted sister Kei is no rebel, until she falls in love with the camp political agitator, Frankie Suzuki (Michael K.
ARRIVING at the former offices of the National Union of Mineworkers in Barnsley, 30 years after the Miners' Strike, I'm seeking an Arthur who has clashed with police and is seen as a political agitator.
An appendix provides excerpts from the 1938 court transcript of political agitator I.
The personal reflections of Turkish novelist Nazim Hikmet reach poetic heights in this memoir of a political agitator and his exile.
From the time he became a professional folksinger, however, he saw himself as a political agitator.
Real estate magnate and conservative political agitator Donald Trump had a tough time swallowing last night's election results.
He returned to the country in 1958 to become a full time political agitator in the ranks of the CPS battling the military dictatorship of General Abboud (1958-1964).
Wayne Flynt--historian, writer, political agitator, cultural gadfly, and above all a Baptist--is a man with few peers in the contemporary American South.
JELLO BIAFRA Friday August 5, 02 Academy, Birmingham, 0844 477 2000 * DEAD Kennedys founder and lifelong political agitator Jello Biafra arrives in town with the terrifying live machine that is The Guantanamo School of Medicine.

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