political community

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That cost him, but he did not lose the respect of the political community or the public.
The Political community and the school community GrE-ningen intend on the existing school system Except Gass, as a substitute of today~s multi-purpose hall to realize a new multi-purpose hall with double-gym.
Having a constitutional secession clause, as Haljan discusses in later chapters, makes certain assumptions about the state and the nature of political community.
If the Maronite and wider Christian political community are unable this time to agree on a single candidate, they have only themselves to blame.
He briefed him about the furtherance of the process of the constitution, the independent election body and the national dialogue, affirming that the whole Tunisian political community is aware of the need to overcome obstacles and successfully finish off the transitional stage as soon as possible.
We remind the sides of the Lebanese political community of the necessity not to omit Israel and its historic hatred for Lebanon.
For Dussel, in fact, one of the greatest philosophical-political issues is that of the relationship between potestas and the participation of the political community in obedential power.
The political community and our personal families might have greatly influenced us, but we should always remember that we are free to make a choice.
of California at Berkeley) point to three of Ho's aesthetic-political strategies as key to his work and frequent subjects in the ten presented chapters: his employment of African American and Asian American traditions in pursuit of anti-imperialist interracial and intercultural solidarities; his uses of popular culture idioms and media as anticapitalist critique, and cultivation of an artistic and political community to extend his work.
Advani has sent shock waves across the political community in India.
A political community is created by the "people" submitting themselves to the political power they themselves created.
The success of reform depends on cooperation between the business community and the political community, as well as the public-private partnership," he told the delegates, which included heads of state and government, as well as entrepreneurs.