political competition

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In a statement published to this end, the signatories insist on "their categorical rejection of these practices deprived from a mininmum of ethics for a civilised political competition, patriotism, and even the sense of responsibility towards the Tunisian people."
'Research has found that dynastic concentration has a significantly negative effect on the upliftment of local living standards, noting that lack of real political competition leads to flawed policies,' Drilon added.
Pakistan and Afghanistan have decided to reboot relations by developing a 'forward-looking vision' based on cooperation instead of political competition. This is something that one can gauge from a statement issued by the Prime Minister Office in the wake of PM Imran Khan's one-on-one meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his talks with members of the president's delegation.
About 50km North of Mandera lies Rhamu town, known more for its searing heat, huge flocks of livestock and occasional skirmishes between the majority Garre and the minority Degodia Somali subclans over political competition.
The main objective of the fifth round is to introduce public policy making and strategic thinking and to help women leaders in Iraq to understand within their gender units, high political competition and participation in decision-making.
"I would like to underline that without development of the party system and true political competition we won't be able to develop parliamentary democracy.
We will take part to show the people that we are tough in political competition and able to lead the country in the future,' he said.
But in Mali, Guatemala, Pakistan and Belarus-among other young democracies with weak political parties and low transparency-governments may actually become less effective when political competition is similarly cut throat.
Finally, building upon the previous literature, municipalities' political ideology, political competition and population size may affect these measures.
Recent arrests of opposition political party officials in Khartoum are a disturbing setback for those trying to engage in peaceful political competition. But Abdul Wahid's exclusively military strategy has not advanced his cause and has enabled continued violence to devastate his homeland.
Like economic competition, the political competition presented by a presidential election forces policymakers to be more responsive in order to appeal to the most voters possible.
Moreover, the increased political competition also has the potential to distract efficient policy implementation in the run up to 2019 national elections.