political competition

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He said: 'We thank President Kenyatta and Mr Ruto for fulfilling their promise that Kenyans will never fight again because of political competition.
It is imperative, then, that the political parties separate their democratic duties from political competition.
I easily retained my seat, with a promise to continue crusading for devolution as the panacea for the problems of underdevelopment, tribalism, and deadly political competition.
Earlier, the opposition expressed its readiness to participate in the negotiations, but has set a number of conditions, including the creation of a balanced National Election Council, participation of international observers in elections, ensuring the right to vote for Venezuelans living outside the country, reconsideration of banning of the opposition from the political competition and equal rights for campaigning.
In the first two hundred pages, Kees van Dijk provides a fresh treatment of political competition in the southwestern Pacific, where Great Britain, the United States, and Germany vied for control of islands such as Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, and Papua New Guinea in the 1870s and 1880s.
The most important is that Almazbek Atambayev could create a political competition.
Our responsibility after the political competition is to come together and work to build the nation," Kenyatta told a church service on Sunday.
In order to avoid the types of social disruption that political competition could entail, the central government also appoints key provincial and municipal officials and resolves disputes among regions.
But the opposition leader says such polls are meaningless because there is no fair political competition.
Finally, building upon the previous literature, municipalities' political ideology, political competition and population size may affect these measures.
What has not changed is the behaviour of politicians and the zero-sum nature of political competition.
In fact, political competition at the local level is essentially a farce because traditional political elites in the Philippines are so firmly entrenched in their positions of power.