political competition

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A political campaign must ensure political competition, registration of all candidates and equal access for all media.
People also raised fears about the ongoing political competition between Mikati and the Future Movement.
He stressed that this is the noble idea in political work, which provides stability to the parliamentary system on a clear foundation of political competition in wowing voters, according to executable programs that are not just idealistic and fantasy-filled slogans, so the voter will realize the importance of his participation in the elections and the importance of his role in the nation's political life.
Our encounter this day provides a new experience in Lebanese political work, which adopts openness and dialogue as the sole solution to all differences, in addition to honest political competition," noted Zouein.
Underlining that Erdoy-an is on the campaign trail under the guise of hosting opening ceremonies and is asking for votes for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) at events being broadcasted live on radio and TV, Tezcan said the president's acts cause unfair political competition and are in violation of the Constitution's articles on fair and impartial elections.
While Mohammed holds that the formation of new parties breeds positive political competition and improves the political process, he added that "the weakness of the democratic performance and ineffectiveness of the parties have led sectarian and extremist groups to exist instead.
To do that it will be necessary to make transition from political competition to cooperation and to gain the broad support that will be necessary to ensure that the next government of Afghanistan is ready to address the serious problems which face the country.
Aleksandra Mitevska comments for Utrinski vesnik that the boycott of the Parliament is a two-edged sword for the opposition, which chose the firmest method for political battle, but the same goes for the government--which is most responsible in providing a climate for a sound political competition.
The Customs Union is a political union of authoritarian states, more economically developed than Kyrgyzstan, disapproving parliamentary democracy and political competition.
Simon Walker, directorgeneral of the Institute of Directors, said: "Labour are right to push for workers to see the benefits of economic growth but the minimum wage must not become the subject of a political competition to see who can offer the most, irrespective of what the economy and employers can afford.
Al- Karbouli said in a press statement that this behavior and conduct, makes the current government and its leadership in isolation from the political competition.
On top of this", Booth noted, "the government had also progressively reduced the space for political competition, within and outside the ruling party, and for independent media and civil society voices to be heard.