political contention

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As strangers in the land, it is presumable that they wisely and honorably avoided entangling themselves in the political contentions involved with it.
Manchester Central's Labour MP Lucy Powell waded into the row, writing to the council leadership suggesting the council's official position would become 'a point of political contention'.
"We call the judicial authority to turn a deaf ear to political contention and to only heed justice," the lawmaker indicated.
"None of this means that members of the BBC Pride network cannot be involved in Pride festivities in Belfast, but it does require BBC Northern Ireland to avoid creating the impression it has a position on matters of political contention or contro- versy."
A section of the party believes that Buhari's attitude to intra-party political contention is less combative and that he believes that party men can always sort their differences.
ISLAMABAD -- Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq met on Tuesday senior party leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, discussing ways to put an end to political contention, sources said.
The making of a European public sphere: Media discourse and political contention. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.
Islam, however, is not only the subject of political contention, but also its object (Bayat 2010: 8).
Among a dozen states where the costs of providing public pension benefits have become a point of political contention, in nine of those states, those costs are dwarfed by how much they spend on corporate subsidies or lose through business tax breaks and loopholes, such as offshore tax havens, on an annual basis.
As such, this argument resonates well with advances in the study of political violence from other parts of the world that call for analytical separation between factors that drive political contention among national elites and local incentives for violence.
Cynics have said that ensnaring Advani and others in the 25-year-old case will enable Modi to oust from political contention those who had opposed his elevation before 2014.
Mostly US contributors in sociology and political science examine issues surrounding national identity, ethnicity, and public policy, as well as political elites and political contention. The section on national identity and public policy looks at topics such as faith-based organizing for immigrant rights, and the intersection of immigration policy and the child welfare system in the US.