political contention

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As strangers in the land, it is presumable that they wisely and honorably avoided entangling themselves in the political contentions involved with it.
ISLAMABAD -- Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq met on Tuesday senior party leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, discussing ways to put an end to political contention, sources said.
Among a dozen states where the costs of providing public pension benefits have become a point of political contention, in nine of those states, those costs are dwarfed by how much they spend on corporate subsidies or lose through business tax breaks and loopholes, such as offshore tax havens, on an annual basis.
Perhaps due to the salience of political contention at the time, early accounts describe these attacks as the consequence of inter-elite competition produced by rapid institutional reform.
Cynics have said that ensnaring Advani and others in the 25-year-old case will enable Modi to oust from political contention those who had opposed his elevation before 2014.
Mostly US contributors in sociology and political science examine issues surrounding national identity, ethnicity, and public policy, as well as political elites and political contention.
Most citizens who spoke with The Daily Star Tuesday either had not heard of the new form or did not know what it was, despite the fact that it has been a subject of political contention for years.
It's that political contention that drives the fetal-pain debate.
Through military correspondence, diaries and letters, and period news articles, author Paul Taylor charts Civil War-era Detroit's evolution from a quiet but growing industrial city to a center of political contention and controversy.
But they are also a source of political contention, and for that very reason deserving of dispassionate analysis.
But they are also a source of political contention and, for that very reason, are deserving of dispassionate analysis," said Kaushik Basu, the World Bank's Chief Economist and Senior Vice-President for Development Economics, as he participated in an event that marked the launch of the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD), which is envisioned to become a global hub of knowledge and policy expertise on migration issues.
It is now moving to universal values, such as equality and human rights, as the focus of political contention and solidarity.