political contestant

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The key question that everyone is asking is whether the 75-year-old Sheila Dikshit, who has been presiding over Delhi's affairs for an uninterrupted 15 years and in many ways changed the face of Delhi for the better, will get an unprecedented fourth term or will the vote go this time to her long-term rival, the doctor-politician Harsh Vardhan of the BJP or the IIT engineer-turned taxman-turned political contestant Kejriwal.
This puts the Brotherhood in jeopardy of being a religious group that has special demands (not a political contestant to the current regime)," he said.
If he loses that race, political contestants will know the power of the past when it comes to the behavior of powerful people.
Politics is a robust debate and characterisation of political contestants.
PESHAWAR -- The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) has made a recommendation that all relevant government departments, including ECP and police, should work together to enforce the laws of Pakistan, including election laws, to protect the safety and security of all political contestants and their campaign workers and supporters.
Ngor Arol Garang April 3, 2010 (KHARTOUM) -- Leaders from different churches in both North and South of Sudan have called for peace and reconciliation among political contestants in the upcoming elections saying elections are never meant for violence but for a peaceful transfer of power.
I do follow political contestants and quite often just shake my head (mainly because of a stiff neck) in wonderment at the glaring errors committed constantly - at least in my opinion.
The findings should assure Zambians and political contestants that the official results announced by the electoral commission of Zambia reflect the will of the people," it said in a statement.
Twenty four political contestants are drumming up support in a pre election campaigns that started March 11.
Instead, political contestants win a little at a time and then try to hold onto power long enough to get some of their ideas baked into the system, whether they are after limits on the growth of government or universal health care or something else.
Interestingly, as the country's political contestants sat down and agreed to a peace accord, the Western media suddenly disappeared.