political disorder

See: anarchy
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The soldiers, preoccupied with brute looting and crude use of political power, perfected both political disorder and economic ruin in an economy that prospered healthily under Obote.
Every institution where he played a role as an administrator spoke volumes of his administrative expertise and wisdom, he said, adding that although the university was passing through a hard time, Prof Jalibi used his managerial acumen to drive the 'mother of learning' out of the academic, administrative and political disorder.
He seems more an emblem of our current political disorder than the architect of a new political alignment.
Since the debate on the confidence motion, the Government has spared no efforts at maintaining peace and good order, in spite of the reckless provocations by the opposition to stoke ethnic conflicts and political disorder.
Somalia, a country racked by violence and instability since the early 1990s, is set to experience a new wave of political disorder in the coming months.
Though these issues are familiar to historians of the late-nineteenth century, Aaron Freundschuh adds insecurities about empire to the mix; unbridled criminality and political disorder at home became symptomatic of the failures of French imperialism abroad.
The only change that has transpired is our downward regression into political disorder. In the Upper House, the President has incarcerated his fiercest critic.
Auslin argues that if the dangers of military conflict are greatest in the near term and of economic stagnation in the midterm, the threat of domestic political disorder is a critical long-term concern.
The people are suspecting that ongoing political disorder in Pakistan is also the handiwork of such elements.
Periodic terrorist acts and political disorder also plague Egypt, Bahrain, Pakistan and Lebanon.
Mian Zahid Hussain said that masses should not try to get undue benefit of the situation as political disorder will be detrimental to the system and it will not improve image of the country on international level.
"Five years have passed since its independence, and currently domestic political disorder is a great challenge to the nation-building of South Sudan.