political disorder

See: anarchy
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He pointed out that the company was targeting $30m in exports by the end of the year, but political disorder in certain Arab countries, such as Syria, Libya and Iraq, have affected export, in addition to the low price of the euro, which has led to a decline in the value of exports.
Four years have passed since its independence, and currently domestic political disorder is a great challenge to the nation-building of South Sudan.
The Arab states must realize that the root causes of radicalization are embedded in their internal socio-economic and political disorder, and only by undertaking systematic and consistent measures to cure this domestic malaise will violent radicalization abate.
CASF has managed to achieve this even with the significant setback brought on by the political disorder in CAR, and the Fund Manager has proven the ability to ring-fence investments and safeguard capital in such environment, a critical ability for a FCS investor.
The key factors for the ratings are whether Thailand can avert more serious and bloody political disorder, and whether we see a return to a fully functioning government that is able to make policy and pass a budget for the next fiscal year starting in October," he said.
Political disorder in the Middle-East and Northern African countries including Egypt, Libya, Iran and Iraq resulted in uncertainty of crude oil supply in recent times.
Second, armed nonstate groups are legitimate spoilers disrupting security and triggering political disorder and violence.
Roberts, Alasdair, America's First Great Depression: Economic Crisis and Political Disorder after the Panic of 1837.
Add to this the changes occurring in contemporary social and sexual mores, which gave birth to the so-called "values voters" movement, and you have the brew which has spawned our current political disorder.
But with the Arab world convulsed by political disorder, the warning now is aimed at a larger audience.
GE-len's lawyer, Orhan Erdemli, refuted the allegations, saying the Islamic scholar did not issue any statement about ruling AK Party and pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputies, let alone one intended to "create political disorder," as the daily report claimed.
An Israel and Palestine that could resolve their differences and live side by side as democracies would become an island of stability and sanity in a sea of political disorder and economic retrenchment.