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A person's every movement -- whether kidnap victim, criminal, lost child, or political dissident -- could be tracked.
Days before his death, Capps circulated a letter among lawmakers urging Chinese President Jiang Zemin to release political dissident Wei Jingsheng as a ``positive confidence-building measure.
CAIRO: Egypt's attorney general allowed political dissident Ayman Nour on Tuesday to leave the country for medical treatment, a judicial source said.
A longtime political dissident who advocated democracy and criticized the lack of religious freedom in China has been sentenced to six years in prison for ''subversion of state power,'' a human rights watchdog said Thursday.
According to the report, the terrorist group which claims to be a peaceful and political dissident group against the Islamic Republic of Iran has long been staging terrorist operations against Iran's interests.
Abdel Haleem Halim, a veteran political dissident who had approached President Hosni Mubarak at a 2002 conference to confront him about the rampant unemployment in the country, said that he was whisked away by the country's intelligence agents and tortured.
CAIRO: Egypt's public prosecutor has freed the country's best-known political dissident, Ayman Nour, on health grounds, a judicial official told AFP on Wednesday.
Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese political dissident who called for political reform and was charged with subversion, was put on trial in Beijing on Wednesday and a ruling is expected Friday, his lawyer said.
The United States on Wednesday slammed China's trial of Chinese political dissident Liu Xiaobo as being politically motivated and ''uncharacteristic of a great country.
China voiced ''strong dissatisfaction'' Thursday over foreign countries' criticism of the trial of Chinese political dissident Liu Xiaobo, saying such action represents ''gross intervention'' in Beijing's internal affairs.
Chinese political dissident and democracy advocate Ren Wangding believes his getting a seven-day travel visa to Hong Kong proved Beijing's leniency toward political dissidents due to the Olympics next year, he told reporters Wednesday.
Singapore's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday commended the Myanmar government for reducing political dissident and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi's jail sentence and choosing to put her under house detention during the period instead of sending her to jail.

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