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In reporting its survey, CIEP pointed out that the study "reflects a cold political election atmosphere, since some 74.
Nearly 75%1/2AaAaAeA~of all political election activity will be in county a local races[yen]AaAaAeA where the broadcast media[yen]AaAaAeAcs footprint is strong," said1/2Aa Edmonds, a veteran political media consultant, author, and past president of both the American and International Associations of Political Consultants.
The FSB has urged political election candidates not to burden self-employed owners of small businesses with tax increases
Council results indicate clearly she'll win her grubby, party political election.
Occurring just two days after what present-day historians describe as one of the most contentious and controversial political election seasons in U.
LOS ANGELES: Coming on the heels of a divisive political election, the American Music Awards on Sunday night in Los Angeles became a platform for strong political language.
The Reforms network is an alliance of non partisan citizen's group, civil society, local media specially fM channels, academia to initiate a network of independent, non political election observers group for the upcoming General Elections 2018.
Her rival, Minister Edwidge Owens (Kyle Secor), is a firm believer in the Purge and has the full backing of the New Founding Fathers (NFF), the shadowy political Election proves follow-two hierarchy led by Caleb Warrens (Raymond J Barry).
It may be recalled that the incident had occurred on 15 December 2015 when participants of the political election rallies of Pakistan Peoples Party and Functional League came face to face during local government elections in Sanghar that ended up with a clash in which four persons including two policemen were killed.
Our protest's main demands are the FREEDOM of the club from the party's yoke; the mass registration of members to vote in the upcoming elections; and, holding the elections before the next political election in the country.
A: Department employees may not solicit, accept or receive contributions for a candidate in a partisan political election, a political party or a partisan political group.
Instead we were treated to the less appetising five courses of a political election debate.

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