political independence

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Tell me, however, can political independence exist without economic independence?
Cyprus was among the 100 countries that voted on Thursday in favor of a UN General Assembly resolution, affirming the Assembly's "commitment to Ukraine's sovereignty, political independence, unity and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders".
Under the UN Charter the Russian Federation in its relations with Ukraine should refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence, or some other measures inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.
Jordan stresses the importance of respecting Ukraine's sovereignty and political independence and prohibition of the use of force in its lands or occupation of part of its territory including the Crimea region," Jordan's permanent representative to the UN Prince Zeid Bin Rd said during a Security Council session last night.
The lesson that Africa should learn is not to be too close to this particular octopus, in order to preserve the political independence on which the struggle for economic success can be achieved.
In its statement, the group reiterated its political independence.
I urge the authorities to ensure the immediate establishment of the new public broadcaster, guaranteeing its full editorial, financial and political independence.
They have political independence and they use it to find paths that fit their own special situations.
The award pays tribute to the charitable initiatives during the rule of the late Amir from 1961 to 1999 during which Bahrain achieved political independence, transformed into a modern statehood and became one of the leading regional and international financial and banking hubs.
There's also a very interesting tract in the Slovenia museum which reads: "The minting of one's own coinage has always been an expression of political independence in all historical periods and in all lands.
The following story is about celebration of political independence.
He contrasts the countries that make up the UK with those of Scandinavia in an attempt to dispel any notion that Scottish political independence could lead to "conflict" or distrust.