political influence

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Had the Colonel survived only a few weeks longer, it is probable that his great political influence, and powerful connections at home and abroad, would have consummated all that was necessary to render the claim available.
The young man was tried and convicted of the crime; but either the circumstantial nature of the evidence, and possibly some lurking doubts in the breast of the executive, or" lastly--an argument of greater weight in a republic than it could have been under a monarchy,--the high respectability and political influence of the criminal's connections, had availed to mitigate his doom from death to perpetual imprisonment.
He was about to marry a young and charming woman, whom he loved, not passionately, but reasonably, as became a deputy attorney of the king; and besides her personal attractions, which were very great, Mademoiselle de Saint-Meran's family possessed considerable political influence, which they would, of course, exert in his favor.
Such a purchase would involve not only a great legitimate political influence, but some half-dozen church presentations of considerable annual value.
She could trust her own guardianship, but she could not tell what indirect or political influence might be brought to bear upon a business man.
President of the Judicial Council Branko Ushkovski Thursday stressed that he will fight for the honor of this institution, for the authority and rights of the judges and that the Council won't succumb to political influence.
Greg Abbott's first State of the State address, and a report on political influence on admissions at the University of Texas at Austin.
However, three others political parties including two factions of JUI and PkMAP have also their remarkable political influence in these areas.
Yes, there was definitely direct political influence," Blatter was quoted as telling German weekly Die Zeit.
The rules, designed to curb political influence on the awarding of contracts, state that public officials must divest themselves of business interests in companies that hold state contracts.
Abramovich in turn, accused Berezovsky of extracting money from him for political influence and claimed he had paid him 1.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The enemies' of Iran are fearing the country's scientific progress rather than its political influence, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday.