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Mr Burnham said the new files show the "highest levels" of political involvement in the decision to bring charges against the builders.
Attorney-general Costas Clerides' remarks regarding "political circles" trying to "erode the credibility" of the Legal Service were misinterpreted, he said on Saturday, as he did not refer to direct political involvement but a softer campaign against him.
Professor Mirjana Najcevska says that provided that the manner of vote and the political involvement of the diaspora in general--of those with double citizenship--is better organized, she is confident there are individuals with a great deal of knowledge and experience that can contribute to Macedonia's development.
To pull out of the endless vicious cycle, Love strongly advocates greater political involvement, especially among African-Americans; only by participating in politics, and turning out to vote, can the people of North Omaha pressure the government to take initiatives that will bring more jobs to those who desperately need them.
This year, the political involvement in the examination system is not reported so far," he remarked.
The members of the delegation assured Shah Farman of their full support and hoped that active steps would be taken for improving the affairs of workers Welfare Board and make it free of Political involvement.
It is a dangerous step to have political involvement in our police service.
Earlier shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said the new "enhanced criteria" issued to West Midlands NHS trusts would make it practically impossible for hospitals to declare a major incident and "muddy the waters" by making doctors take into account political involvement and media coverage.
June 13, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Patricia Templeton-Jones and Wright Flood were recently honored with PCIAA's 2014 Political Involvement Award for diligent efforts to address the adverse impacts on the housing and insurance industry of the Biggert Waters Flood Reforms.
Jourgensen's health battles, political involvement, personal rants, it's all here.
The announcement of his legal action comes as a Downing Street source denied any political involvement in the decision to detain him.
You are meeting young party members to discuss political involvement and yet for you political involvement means, amongst other things, helping to initiate austerity which is leading to widespread hardship.