political machine

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The crux of the matter is that neither the CHP nor the MHP are effective political machines that work.
Shafiq deployed remnants of the old Mubarak political machine and enjoyed the support of the military.
The result is a treasure trove of insight into the American political machine, flavored with genuine personal convictions--the reader may agree or disagree with the expressed views, but cannot deny their authenticity, refreshing in today's era of political sound bites and endless power mongering.
I only hope that Nigel will realise what a lucky escape he had from the clutches of the party political machine he sought to be part of and return full-time what he's best at - cutting edge, and, yes, sometimes controversial, journalism.
Mathews reports on how "Schwarzenegger builds a new kind of political machine out of old materials--celebrity, money, consultants and ballot measures designed to rally 'the people,"' creating a brand of blockbuster politics that gives equal attention to Schwarzenegger's victory and defeats, ushering in an era where nationwide blockbuster democracy is eminent.
An energetic progressive who never met a door he couldn't rap, Smith, who looks like a young Kevin Costner, assembled a team of neophytes and a grassroots strategy to topple leading contender Russ Carnahan, from the regional political machine.
As Mexican voters go to the polls at the close of this edition, it will be their second chance in more than seven decades to truly make a choice, not rubberstamp the candidate of a political machine.
In the early 1980s a Black/Latino alliance defeated the Chicago political machine and elected Harold Washington mayor.
But) I don't know if I could ever sacrifice something for Northern Ontario for the greater good of the political machine.
In the alleys and tenements of New York a modern industrial society is forged in a bloodbath of warring tribes of nativists and immigrants--refereed by a corrupt political machine that lives off the blood and bodies of the poor.
Black leaders capitalized on increasing numbers to seize the vote-getting power of the political machine, and used the Democratic Party to challenge old-line Republican ward bosses.