political maneuvers

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Stop fooling the Lebanese because your political maneuvers have become exposed and no longer convince anyone," Janjanian addressed Aoun in a statement today.
This seventh edition covers current events, elections, and political maneuvers up to the middle of 2012.
Erol Rizaov wonders in Utrinski Vesnik whether we are entering a new diplomatic offensive for removing the Greek blockade to our Euro-Atlantic integration or are we again participating in futile political maneuvers.
Summary: BEIRUT: Political maneuvers against Hezbollah aimed at destroying its image in Lebanon will continue in different ways, said former Deputy Speaker Elie Ferzli Sunday.
The German nation never gave a free majority vote for the Nazi party's dictatorship--it was foisted on them by a series of underhanded political maneuvers, and once established it was virtually impossible to shake off.
Druze leader Walid Jumblat received a number of delegates over the weekend to clarify his political maneuvers last week, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Sunday.
We still have a difficult time when we hear political maneuvers disguised under a Christian banner, but NCR helps us remain hopeful that universal understanding and tolerance will come some day.
Takebe predicted that political maneuvers related to the presidential race will likely get into full swing only in mid-August or thereafter, saying it will likely take time for the candidates to draw up respective lists of policy promises.
I have never met Falwell's sons, but they seem to have little interest in the high-powered political maneuvers of their father.
Perhaps Greg Randall has forgotten about how the ``king of political maneuvers,'' Bill Clinton, bombed an aspirin factory in Africa to divert attention away from the Monica Lewinsky fiasco.
of tangled oriental political maneuvers, of lies, of embezzled PLO funds deposited in Swiss banks, and of homosexual relationships, beginning with his teacher when he was a teenager and ending with his current bodyguards.
Our slogan "Cutting through the noise" means rigorous culling of hype and fluff and a sharp focus on market-moving developments, whether it's short-term plant operations or long-term political maneuvers.