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In many ways New York and her gorgeous plutocracy repeated Venice in the magnificence of her architecture, painting, metal-work and sculpture, for example, in the grim intensity,of her political method, in her maritime and commercial ascendancy.
In turn, Sinha stressed the need to resolve the crisis in Syria in a peaceful manner via political methods under Syria's management, adding that he witnessed firsthand quiet and calm in Damascus, unlike the fake image promoted by mass media.
We hope that the sides will adhere to a dialog and continue to settle the Ukrainian crisis by political methods to stabilize the situation there," the Chinese diplomat said.
Hurriyet leader said that in democratic societies all issues were resolved through dialogue and political methods, and the aspirations of people, their political and democratic rights are given due respect and consideration, but India had been adopting coercive approach to silence the genuine political voices in occupied Kashmir, making all the talk of democracy and elections devoid of sense and credibility.
It means that these two most complicated international issues are moving toward their resolution by political methods, the diplomat said.
I turn to all political parties and call on them to join together in giving up the dishonest political methods.
However, the MUD's electoral defeat threw supporters into depression and led many member groups and leaders to leave, with strong criticism of Capriles and the political methods of those who, along with him, assumed leadership of the opposition structure.
Their political methods, however, are imitation of the government.
He said that "constructive and legitimate political methods will be utilized to prevent a veto, but this will be left to the political tactics we will resolve to.
A protege of former Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka, an infamous LDP kingpin, Ozawa's political methods epitomized the worst aspects of the LDP's old factional plutocracy.
The ironic part was that while both the list's head, former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, along with al-Hashemi, tried to ask the highest religious authority for Iraqi Shiites to play this role, Sistani himself declined to do this, reminding his visitors that the dispute among them was political, and a solution should be sought through political methods, in line with the Iraqi Constitution and the requirements of national unity, which mean that no group of sect should be excluded.
There is no doubt that the Government has the legitimacy of the people and that the interests of the ethnic Albanians should be preserved using political methods, analyzes Bashkim Bakiu.