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In many ways New York and her gorgeous plutocracy repeated Venice in the magnificence of her architecture, painting, metal-work and sculpture, for example, in the grim intensity,of her political method, in her maritime and commercial ascendancy.
Since the referendum, supporters of EU membership have been exploring a range of legal and political methods to prevent what they see as a colossal historical mistake.
For example, in one of his novels, "La Violence et la Derision" ("Violence and Deception"), he depicted citizens seeking freedom by mocking and demeaning tyrannies as political methods.
President Rouhani affirmed in the cable that Iran will continue supporting Syria's independence and territorial integrity, voicing confidence that peace and stability will return to Syria and the process of rebuilding it and restoring its prosperity will begin soon, and that the crisis will be resolved via political methods and dialogue.
Levy discusses the "ancient constitution," which was simply the political methods of medieval or early modern Europe.
Thus far there hasn't been a model developed using political methods to stop terrorism or to stop terrorists in their aim from trying to abolish liberal-democratic foundations and principles.
meant a failure to advance political methods of resistance' (p.
In turn, Sinha stressed the need to resolve the crisis in Syria in a peaceful manner via political methods under Syria's management, adding that he witnessed firsthand quiet and calm in Damascus, unlike the fake image promoted by mass media.
We hope that the sides will adhere to a dialog and continue to settle the Ukrainian crisis by political methods to stabilize the situation there," the Chinese diplomat said.
Hurriyet leader said that in democratic societies all issues were resolved through dialogue and political methods, and the aspirations of people, their political and democratic rights are given due respect and consideration, but India had been adopting coercive approach to silence the genuine political voices in occupied Kashmir, making all the talk of democracy and elections devoid of sense and credibility.
I turn to all political parties and call on them to join together in giving up the dishonest political methods.
However, the MUD's electoral defeat threw supporters into depression and led many member groups and leaders to leave, with strong criticism of Capriles and the political methods of those who, along with him, assumed leadership of the opposition structure.