political prisoner

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The Bahraini government intends to transfer 100 political prisoners, including 20 women, to Saudi prisons at the request of the kingdom's intelligence ministry," an informed source in the Bahrain's foreign ministry, who asked to remain unnamed for the sensitive nature of his information, told FNA.
Ironically, the "criminal" demonstration and march was to Israel's Ofer prison, which holds Palestinian political prisoners.
freedom of Barghouthi and all Palestinian political prisoners.
Cuba denies it holds any political prisoners, and says the dissidents are nothing more than common criminals and mercenaries paid by Washington to stir up trouble.
We have a lot of youth political prisoners in the Middle East," including Egypt, Iran, Yemen and Bahrain, Al-Maskati added.
Still, the end of the official dictatorship was "a beautiful time when so many political prisoners returned," says Federico Gomensoro, president of AFCASMU, one of the largest private-sector health care unions in the country.
If convicted, they each will be facing a forty-year jail sentence as political prisoners.
Braga portrayed three characters: Leni Lamaison, the glamorous star of an over-the-top romantic movie Molina spins to amuse his cell mate, political prisoner Valentin (Raul Julia); Marta, Valentin's long-lost lover; and the man-consuming Spider Woman of Molina's imagination--dreams all, and all Braga.
Former political prisoner Hetem Gavazi said that in order to realize their rights before Macedonian court, many documents that are hard to get are needed.
Summary: Yangon: Myanmar's leader has set up a committee to review political prisoner cases "to grant .
In this regard, legendary Macedonian political prisoner Pavel Satev is shoulder to shoulder with Gostivar mayor Rufi Osmani.
HAVANA, June 21, 2010 (Balochistan Times): A political prisoner Havana freed just a week ago, now weak and restricted to a wheelchair after six years in jail, joined activists Sunday pushing to see all Cuban prisoners of conscience freed.