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You have raised your voices in an unmistakable chorus, you have cast your votes in historic numbers, you have changed the face of congress, the presidency, and the political process itself.
Among the organizations with whom OMN is working is the Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that studies and helps implement innovative approaches to improving civic engagement and the political process.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Speaker of the Parliament confirmed on Saturday his commitment to support the political process.
Grant warned all those who seek to deter the political process underway currently in Yemen, stressing that the UNSC is ready to take strong measures against those trying to impede the political process, according to the UN resolutions.
Fartousi told Aswat al-Iraq added that "the coming stage shall be difficult that will threaten the newly-born political process in Iraq".
Summary: Gaza, Dhu Al-Qa&'dah 8, 1431 H/Oct 16, 2010, SPA -- The Palestinian leadership announced today that it will study, deeply and in detail during the coming days, all political options under the stalled political process and Israel&'s insistence on combining the continuation of settlement.
Your average citizen on the street doesn't know or care about redistricting, but the process can have a negative impact on involvement in the political process,'' said Leland Saito, a reapportionment expert and assistant professor of sociology at the University of Southern California.
First, Tilly sees revolution as part of the overall political process.
Except that in 1992, the American public found new connections to the political process and developed a renewed enthusiasm for politics that resulted in a huge increase in turnout.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The spokesman of the League of the Righteous (Ahl al-Haq), Naim al-Aboudi called leaders of political blocs to co-opt some opposition figures and persuade them to engage in the political process.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: The National Alliance and the Kurdish Bloc confirmed necessity to respect expression freedom and demonstration rights, calling to preserve the present political process according to democratic mechanisms and legitimate constitutional demands.