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Unfortunately, in Pakistan the Executive has always from the very beginning, exceeded its authority and has sought to interfere with the Parliament and the political process with a view to extending its tenure.
Participating in political process in Pakistan is tantamount to committing a sin.
Meanwhile, the SPLM-N has warned against any political process that doesn't stop the war and address the humanitarian issue saying it would be "doomed to failure".
According to him, the country's authorities will continue to treat all armed groups as terrorists, as long "as they do not declare that they are ready to enter the political process.
Jordan was asked to prepare this list in cooperation with other countries, a task that should be completed before the launch of the political process.
Today was no exception and it is great was no exception and it is great to see this local school engaging their children in the political process.
In a meeting in the President's office in Salahaddin, the President and the UK Foreign Secretary discussed the fight against Islamic State (IS) terrorists, recent advances by the Peshmerga forces, and the political process in Baghdad.
The former Newsnight host, 64, said that people despaired of the political process and had contempt for politicians.
The Yemeni government has carefully followed up the development of the political process in Iraq and its success since electing a head for the Legislative Council, electing Fuad Ma'soum as a President for Iraq and finally the political reconciliation on naming Haidar al-Abadi a Prime Minister.
He pointed out that the Syrian government rejects talks about humanitarian needs if they were not subject to the system of the state and preserving its sovereignty, and the solution to the crisis in Syria is based on two different tracks; the international solution and the Syrian solution through launching a political process that helps solve the crisis.
He said, "I also think Pakistan can play a crucial role when it comes to facilitating a political process in Afghanistan.
A Rothesay businessman whose private campaign to draw attention to the government's debt during the last provincial election has been found guilty of violating the Political Process Financing Act -- the first prosecution and conviction of its kind in New Brunswick.