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Previously, Cohen was Vice President of Government and Political Affairs for nearly five years at Kimbell & Associates, a federal affairs and political strategy firm.
Government should bring change in its political strategy and stop committing mistakes, PPP said.
PUTTING on a brave face isn't a winning political strategy for Nick Clegg as warring Liberal Democrats kick off their party conference in Glasgow today.
While presiding over a meeting of party's Political Strategy Committee PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that early elections had become even more imperative because of the constitutional crisis in Baluchistan, deteriorating law and order situation, Indian aggression visible on the Line of Control, and a deep sense of anger pervading the nation because of inflation, unemployment, load shedding of electricity and gas, closure of CNG stations etc.
Michael Steele is an expert in political strategy, fund raising, PACs, election reform and was charged with revitalizing the Republican Party.
Stardock's Political Strategy PC Game Transforms Players into Candidates for the 2012 Election; Create your Campaign Strategy and Hit the Digital Campaign Trail in this Classic Election Simulator -
WASHINGTON (TAP)- President Barack Obama's use of a rare joint session of Congress to deliver a jobs speech on Thursday reflects a political strategy to try to blame Republicans for an economy at risk of sliding back into recession.
But their latest summit in Brussels comes after three fraught days of talks at Nato headquarters which have failed to resolve rifts over operational and political strategy for running the no-fly zone.
For too long, American political strategy in Afghanistan has been subordinate to military and intelligence operations," Coll wrote in an article for the New Yorker magazine.
The US State Department spokesman, P J Crowley, said the consultative jirga has provided a national consensus to pursue political strategy to reduce the danger posed by the insurgency.
Summary: LONDON (Cihan) - The international community convened on Thursday in London to fully align military and civilian resources behind an Afghan-led political strategy.
Marriage as political strategy and cultural expression; Mongolian royal marriages from world empire to Yuan dynasty.