political subdivision

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The act specifies a procedure whereby the political subdivision (City) receives statements of qualifications once a year or as deemed necessary.
115, which excludes from gross income any income derived from essential governmental functions and accruing to a state or political subdivision.
The only issue still to be addressed is the definition of a "qualified political subdivision.
If an entity is not a political subdivision, it would not be able to issue tax-exempt bonds.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) is backing a proposed bill in the House of Representatives seeking to create a Special Metropolitan Political Subdivision in the National Capital Region to be called the Metropolitan Manila Regional Administration or MMRA.
Thus, fracking has only ever been legislatively restricted by political subdivision in a scant 0.
Qualified Medicaid waiver payments are defined as "payments made by a state or political subdivision thereof, or an entity that is a certified Medicaid provider, under a Medicaid waiver program to an individual care provider for nonmedical support services provided under a plan of care to an eligible individual (whether related or unrelated) living in the individual care provider's home.
The registration shall be made with the Revenue District Office (RDO) having jurisdiction over the political subdivision where the candidate is seeking election," the circular said.
The Coastal Water Authority (CWA), a governmental agency and political subdivision of the State of Texas, has selected Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam Inc.
The act prohibits a covered state or political subdivision from putting into effect "any voting qualification or prerequisite to voting, or standard, practice, or procedure with respect to voting different from that in force or effect on November 1, 1964" before first submitting the change in election law for "preclearance" either to the Justice Department or to the U.