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What cannot be understood ist hat democracy without intermediate structures is always rapidly transformed in dictatorship, even in totalitarianism, because the latter is not a political system without relation to democracy, it appears following a certain type of disfunction of democracy (Le Goff, 2012).
BEIRUT: The Popular Nasserite Organization Secretary-General Osama Sd called Sunday on the Lebanese youth to revolt against the current sectarian political system and urged the strengthening of the Lebanese Army.
However, the Lebanese political system was governed by civil violence, which stripped the state of its main specialty and subjected the entire system to the transformations which affected the balance of civil powers.
He is cleansing the political system while I will adopt my path of agitation to galvanise the masses," he added.
The parties have agreed "on a mixed political system in which the president will be elected by universal suffrage for a better balance of power, including at the heart of executive branch.
At QU, Edwards explained how our political system has become ensnared in a political gridlock and how this ultimately affects us as a nation that prides herself on democracy.
All of these, when finalised, will hopefully assist in restoring public confidence in the political system.
Administrative Law in the Political System appears in its fifth updated edition to provide legal, social science and political collections alike with a comprehensive text exploring the role of administrative law in public policy.
One where the STL is does not issue any indictment, in which case there will be no influence on Lebanon The other is more bleak, Omran states that if the indictment came out "then this would lead either to the collapse of the Lebanese political system or the establishment of a new government," he said in the daily.
The usual refrain of the political elite that relevance to any such process will only be due if it carries the sanctification of the electoral process is but a weak defence in a situation where the political system has failed to deliver.
A change from a political system designed to give one party a stranglehold on power.
In an effort to augment an interdisciplinary approach to the study of risk, this paper will combine a political system approach drawn from the field of political science with the sequential flow of risk in management studies in order to track the emergence and growth of risks for firms operating in the international environment.