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The Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences of the host college, Mr Sunday Adeyera noted that Nigerian political system operational procedure is weak to sanitise the economy for all-round development process, as it is being witnessed from where we borrowed it.
But perhaps above all, China has a political system that faces real pressure.
So Pakistan as a country and a federation to survive and thrive needs an entirely new social contract that could put into place such a political system that would not only be functional but would address the needs of the citizens.
Conclusively, this is not all that is needed to root out the dynastic political system from the country.
July 9: Yeni Safak sates that Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain hailed the "strong" bilateral relations with Turkey, saying they will not be affected by any changes in the political system. In a special interview with Anadolu Agency, Hussain said: "The relations between Turkey and Pakistan [...] cannot be described in words.
We are fighting our war against corruption in the political system but some political parties and leaders have adopted double standards." Responding to a question about boycotting the election, Qadri said he had not used the word boycott.
Speaking of which, where there can be many forms, the most prominent form of civilian dictatorship apparently rampant and dominant in our society is feudalism.Pakistan's political system, now, has three major political parties to offer, however, let's face the fact, all three have attained their power through acknowledgement, and inclusion of feudalsNow let us go back to the statement made in the start, and read it again!
Instead of highlighting the real problems of the ummah, politicians were being branded as thieves, he said, so much so that state institutions including the judiciary and the Election Commission of Pakistan were questioning the political system. He added that people were now questioning the political system and harbouring a hatred for politicians and their political representatives.
Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmed said PML-N has given a clear message to the nation that we believe in the flawless functioning and continuation of political system and democracy.
Politically, Mr: Xi has always been trying to lead political system towards stable and fair.
We are witnesses ourselves, that there is a direct confrontation of nationalist platforms, although the truth about the crisis was a destroyed political system, which should have been improved.
Obied alla noted "we are looking for a political system that realizes the goals of boosting the national unity and construction, and achieve peace and political reconciliation", "there are many different political systems in the world, and the Sudan has exercised the direct liberal system which is not suitable for the Sudan's reality and it empowers the majority and excludes the minority" he added.