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After listening to the head of the report, the contents of the political system at communal level in Dong Thap province: the trend of the time; Vietnamese political institutions now influence the movement; social and economic conditions; historical - cultural traditions; the role of the people; the operational capacity of members in the political system, as well as the groups of solutions that affect the capacity of the organizations to exercise their mastery, the capacity to exercise the mastery of the people, the council has discussed, the Scientific Council has agreed to implement the topic.
He indicated that "there are objective alternatives that would realize our goals", stressing the privilege of following the mixed political system which would realize justice and give opportunity to the parties to participate in the parliament, asserting that the political process in the country requires treatments.
Since then, the arguments on the change of the political system may be divided into three phases.
The lecture was a addressed by Oubaid Al-Oubaidly who talked about the development of the modern political system in Bahrain.
At the same time, the expert noted that there are several interest groups represented in the government that see the political system as a guarantee for their own interests and corruption is a big issue.
A significantly lower voter turnout, they said, would be seen as a manifestation of outrage and loss of confidence in the political system, as well as a clamor for the incoming administration to gather its resolve and pave the way for a true system change.
After getting an indirect offer from the US to become part of the political system, they must be doing their cost benefit analysis.
But for all of those people wondering if voting UKIP might be the answer to our broken political system, I remind them of David Coburn.
24, ( ANI ): Congress Party vice president Rahul Gandhi on Friday interacted with representatives of rural civic bodies and said local bodies in villages have to be empowered in order to make the political system work.
Summary: The Popular Nasserite Organization Secretary-General Osama Sd called Sunday on the Lebanese youth to revolt against the current sectarian political system and urged the strengthening of the Lebanese Army.
Greater Lebanon is almost one century old, and the components of the Land of the Cedars have not yet managed to agree over a political system rejecting violence in all its forms.
I am sure that the country, the political system and the citizens will gain from that.