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For the advocates of politically correct language, replacement of existing terminology with politically correct terms has two purported virtues:
Maybe that is a lesson which politically correct meddlers like Sudie Hoffman have to re-learn
This of course, would render the poster utterly useless but it would be politically correct.
Trevor Phillips would not initiate his police action and all would fall neatly into politically correct perspective once more.
She's straight, she's narrow-minded, and I realized that to her, the reason [my books] are politically correct is that there are people of various ethnicities.
Discussing the case of John Walker, the 20-year-old American who left home to fight for the Taliban in Afghanistan, Colson said, "The Walker case, you see, is really a metaphor for what happens if Americans buy into the politically correct talk about Islam being peace-loving.
While it is occasionally and uncomfortably close to becoming an overly earnest, politically correct civics lesson, particularly when the famous Martin Luther King "I have a dream" speech is woven into the soundtrack, Black Soul is nonetheless a valuable animated assessment of the often terrible and often defiantly triumphant journey of black people throu gh the tangled history of North America.
They worried it might upset minority students and that it compromised the school board's politically correct guidelines.
By the late 1980s, politically correct had become a term of derision, referring to the stifling intellectual atmosphere that prevailed on campuses dominated by former '60s radicals and to "progressive" standards of speech and behavior emanating from the academy.
It was all much too politically correct to be believed or interesting.
Rather, the cards feature a winter scene, It makes me wonder if recipients in New Mexico, California, or Hawaii consider it politically correct to relate the holiday with snow and cold.

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