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It is equally politically correct, and I am proud to say so, to judge religious freedom, including for Muslims, and respect for the laws of war that protect civilians as indispensable to the foundation of principle on which democratic political institutions rest.
To test whether these alleged virtues hold, it is necessary to examine the process of semantic change, the reason that terms become offensive or inoffensive, and the effects of politically correct language on discourse.
Trevor Phillips would not initiate his police action and all would fall neatly into politically correct perspective once more.
One might even be tempted to call her politically correct.
Rather, the cards feature a winter scene, It makes me wonder if recipients in New Mexico, California, or Hawaii consider it politically correct to relate the holiday with snow and cold.
but to so obviously disregard the financial results significantly flaws their otherwise politically correct analysis.
That's not a politically correct conclusion but a medical one.
He feels uneasy about some excesses of what he terms the politically correct left who have `a congenital need to be on the cutting edge of whatever is seen as socially progressive at any moment', even abandoning their Christian faith in their determination to be inclusive.
Rush Limbaugh denounced the history standards as "an intellectually dishonest, politically correct version of American history," which ought to be "flushed down the toilet.
A conservative could oppose the politically correct idiocy, but as a liberal professor I would have felt obligated to uphold the basic values of my creed, while quietly enduring the most appalling manifestations of multiculturalism.
It seems like every news service and sportswriter in America found a way to say that the World Series was "politically, incorrect" or, as an Associated Press report described it, "not for the politically correct.
They are less likely to need convincing than the politically correct Clintonites that traditional redneck attitudes and policies actually make sense.

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