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He also described the financing agreements as "a welcomed accelerator to Haiti's sustainable renovation process that will allow President Martelly's vision of a socially just, economically free and politically independent Haiti, to come to fruition.
Gathered outside the Kasbah, the protesters insist they are politically independent and not manipulated by any force.
We are working on evolving women from being economically [independent] to being politically independent," Masri said.
The cyclical decline in Americans' identifying themselves as politically independent has been seen in the first quarter of prior presidential election years, spanning Gallup polls conducted each year from January through March.
Ms Gilbert told the Times Educational Supplement how she reacted when critics suggested she would struggle to be politically independent.
TONY Blair's most senior adviser once argued that the idea that an Attorney-General was capable of making a politically independent decision was a "myth".
As King points out, however, the young Moldovan state has existed in a strange twilight -- politically independent but culturally tied to its Romanian brethren.
And as a politically independent newspaper we will not make a judgment until then.
After thanking CARICOM members for their ongoing support of Haiti since the 2010 earthquake, Mayard-Paul emphasized that his nation is progressing in its recovery efforts, saying, "President Martelly's new vision for Haiti is to build a socially just, economically free, and politically independent nation that does not end with reconstruction but rather, begins with renovation.
We are politically independent and do not need the support of any political party.
The remaining 14% consider themselves to be politically independent and express no partisan leaning.
Mr Phillips added: "All great cities need great leadership and whilst Birmingham has benefited from some excellent political leaders there is much to be said for a politically independent elected champion who would serve for a fixed period bringing both credibility and influence to our city.

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