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Companies and politicians expect that donations will be rewarded by government contracts and vice versa.
Paris -- A book sizzling with the sexual exploits and liaisons of France's politicians has hit the stands, but Gallic indifference rules the day.
Many of us complain about the influence of trial lawyers, but it is also well known among politicians that they are lucky to get a $50 contribution from a physician, while a litigation firm is happy to write $10,000 checks to support campaigns.
A high visibility of women politicians increases adolescent girls' interest in future political activity.
Attack the Messenger: How Politicians Turn You Against the Media By Craig Crawford Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, $22.
Why should politicians representing outside states have any right to influence what judges in Florida decide?
You can see how politicians took corrupt from their faces," says the passenger, complaining to the taxi driver.
It failed to explain the logic behind the pro-choice position of John Kerry and other Catholic politicians.
In books such as Nihon Hassan (Bankrupt Japan), Ishii wrote that Japan was rotting from the inside out, its economic vitality sucked dry by a coalition of industry bosses, LDP politicians and bureaucrats who are addicted to construction projects and the public money that funds them.
The Forum for Young Politicians, which met every day, drew 24 young people, mostly from Eastern Europe, who want to take part in the political or civil life of their countries.
In Canada--where many top politicians are Catholic, including Prime Minister Jean Chretien--Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary said that Chretien might burn in hell for his support of gay marriage.