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Although Jones has introduced legislation to repeal the ban on pulpit politicking several times, the measure has only received a vote in the House of Representatives once.
Continued AU, "The IRS limitation on partisan politicking is an important legal requirement that ensures that houses of worship, like all other nonprofit organizations, do not embroil themselves in partisan disputes.
In the past 12 years, Americans United has filed 85 complaints with the IRS over inappropriate politicking by religious organizations.
One recent poll found only 28 percent of respondents backing partisan politicking in church.
It's because they tightly see pulpit politicking as a corruption of the church's true mission.
The doctors' leaders said the district councillor and PPP local leader tried to harass the doctors and to provoke the public just for the sake of politicking.
Party politicking must be for the purpose of true governance and it must not be divorced from true governance.
Let us not waste time politicking with the leaders who are there now.
what we saw was some politicking from him, which was quiet saddening,' he said.
He said unity is need of hour and government believes in practical steps for development instead of sheer rhetoric and politicking on non-issues.
Despite what Trump and his Religious Right backers would have Americans believe, the ban on partisan politicking doesn't stifle the voice of the church.
Modi and his party are now resorting to petty politicking and malicious campaign.