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He had earlier questioned the negotiating tacticsc of Yanis Varoufakis, his maverick Greek counterpart, drawing the ire of the opposition," Politico noted.
Defeated isn't the right word, the right word is annihilated," Macgregor told US military expert Mark Perry, according to Politico.
POLITICO Pro in Europe builds on the success of POLITICO s U.
The complete Politico 50 list can be viewed here: http://politi.
Politico reports that a Four Seasons guest said: "Everything is gold.
The main problem is that Politico LLC does not own the rights to the Politico trademark in Germany.
VEYNBBYlrYQ) Politico that Poland was never interested in reneging its former hold on Ukraine, nor that it has any participation in what Russia is doing now over it.
Last week, Politico reported she is being paid $600,000 a year.
Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee are looking to limit travel to Cuba, reports the Washington newspaper Politico.
According to a report in Politico, Bush has said that his new presidential library that is set to open this week will 'lay out facts', politico reports.
Apoiando-se em pensamentos curtos, baseados na urgencia e no prurido de servir, o politico nao age mais com discernimento, acabando por pagar caro por isso: a desconsideracao pelo discurso politico, que so interessa a alguns adeptos.
On Wednesday, however, the NRSC repeatedly declined to tell both Politico and The Hill whether it had provided the money to the Missouri GOP.