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O mesmo vale para os "novos contratos sociais" que, aqui ou ali, florescem nos discursos dos encontros politicos ou nos debates de televisao, nos quais os protagonistas de todos os campos tentam provar que eles sao decididamente "modernos".
But the ease at which the voters forget they have ballot power and willingly suspend their disbelief on being ' bribed' by the politicos makes them appear as immature and naive as teens in love.
former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, responding to a Politico article suggesting that Republicans believe a Palin presidential run would fail, quoted in The Daily Coller, November 1
According to Politico, Wurzelbacher has signed on as one of the stand-up comedians performing at September's "Funniest Celebrity in Washington" contest.
Who is dafter, the honest thrifty Joe Public or the greedy politico on a free meal ticket?
Before lesbian politico Kristin Fine could focus on helping the Democrats take back the House, she needed to ensure that the people of New Orleans had homes.
Se produjo en un contexto de agotamiento de los formatos politicos heredados de la "segunda ola democratica" (Huntington 1995) y en un periodo de consolidacion de las instituciones politicas representativas.
Still, this political leverage enables local politicos to get a foot in the door with the kind of demagogic "lower tax" campaign such as happened in Dover, Pa.
Some of the clergy, soldiers, and politicos condemn this magic, yet become pawns in the hands of evil.
Dale said that the new shop would present a direct conflict of interest with Politicos.
En un momento dado, los tres canales de television de RAI fueron divididos entre los partidos politicos mas populares: a los (entonces) Democratas Cristianos fueron la red de television (ahora RAI-1), quienes la compartieron con oficiales del Vaticano; a los (entonces) poderosos socialistas fue la segunda red de television (ahora RAI-2); y a los comunistas fue la menos popular red de television (RAI-3).
It is a chatty book that covers the perspectives of the patient administrator, politicos and doctors.