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the federal polity - that holds it together, even strengthens it.
The Araucanian polity does not necessarily meet the definition of an early modern sovereignty.
However, if we reproduce this method with the three other measures and control for the log of real GDP per capita, Polity IV and Freedom House perform no better than Fraser and Heritage, as table 3 shows.
China's Reforming Churches, a collection of reports and assessments of the current state of Protestant churches in China, argues that Reformed traditions and Presbyterian polity are increasing in Chinese churches.
There was no need for a constant naval presence in the region, given that the nexus of economic exchange occurred beyond the region itself, and the control of international shipping and the flow of trade goods were therefore not critical to the well-being of the regional hegemonic polity.
We would very much like like-minded, secular-minded persons should work again to give our country's polity a thrust in favour of secular elements," Dr.
To drive home his point of the CPM not wanting any compromise with the BJP, Vijayan said Advani's rath yatra had stirred communal passions and the demolition of the Babri Masjid had weakened the secular polity of the country.
In our opinion, a particular strength of this publication is its consideration of Rousseau's paradox of politics as relevant not only to the foundation of a polity, as it is usually intended, but as an unsolvable dilemma common to every democratic community.
As she sees it, some widely circulated presbyterian manuscripts played an important role in debates over church polity during this period and "provide a key to interpreting the polemical literature of the early Stuart period" (3).
The other school said that the contradiction of a modern economy and a totalitarian polity meant that China would ultimate suffer a political meltdown.
Other denominations that have inherited our polity have rewritten it to embrace healing and reconciliation as the primary focus.
Designing a Polity brings together nine superb essays, revised to take account of developments subsequent to their original publication.