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POLL. A head. Hence poll tax is the name of a tax imposed upon the people at so much a head. 2. To poll a jury is to require that each juror shall himself declare what is his verdict. This may be done at the instance of either party, at any time before the verdict is recorded. 3 Cowen, R. 23. See 18 John. R. 188. See Deed Poll.

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The party leadership establishes a 'primary poll committee' formed by the secretary-general and four objective professional experts which supervises the process of the primary polls and handles relevant disputes.
Summary: They are found to be more accurate when it comes to forecasting state assembly polls
Seven seats of West Bengal went to polls in the fifth phase on May 6.
An (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/2016-race-stays-47-43-sunday-poll/story?id=43364234&mc_cid=3db3f85085&mc_eid=9430bf74bd) ABC News/Washington Post poll showed a 4-point Clinton lead even with Johnson and Stein in the running while (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/cbs-news-poll-state-of-the-race-the-day-before-election-day/) CBS News' final poll came up with the same results.
In a recent conversation, Sid Som, the inventor of PollQuant, stated, "With the introduction of our modeled poll of polls invention, we are adding quantitative science to an age-old market mechanism which was in desperate need of modernization.
But Trump isn't alone in recruiting poll watchers this year.
This was as a result of the chaos at the 2010 general election when hundreds of people across the country were left queuing at 10pm as some polling stations were unable to cope with a sudden surge in demand as the polls closed.
Such practice, which for all practical purposes mean publication of exit polls while claiming that the same is only an opinion poll, the EC said in its communication to heads of all media organisations.
JUNE 2002: Poll disallows two good "goals" by Italy in World Cup game against Croatia on the say so of his Danish linesman.
* Biannual polls for the local university (the Jamaica Leadership and Governance polls sponsored by the Centre for Leadership and Governance at the University of the West Indies).
Born in Germany, Poll began his career at the Municipal Theater in Goettingen and in 1949 became a soloist with the Berlin State Opera Ballet.
And, as the Gallup poll demonstrated, successful business partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships."