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According to the EC, this violated Section 126A of Representation of the People Act that prohibits publication and dissemination of exit polls.
The number of experienced, trained volunteers has diminished alarmingly with the aging of the traditional poll worker corps,'' McCormack wrote.
To attract more media attention, CHS also established a special CHS Reporterville media-by-invitation Web site to help raise awareness of the company and experts, and to position the Gallup poll results in more depth.
Participating local Leagues gathered information on how long people waited in line to vote; whether or not directions were posted at the polling place, voters were being turned away, poll workers were applying ID requirements in a uniform and nondiscriminatory fashion, the polls opened on time; and much more.
On September 7, primary day, two gentlemen came to Tucson Precinct 30, says a poll worker there named Ross (who does not want his last name mentioned).
In an early April Gallup poll, Kerry trailed Bush 46 percent to 48 percent among likely voters, but led 48 percent to 46 percent among registered voters.
And venal politicians base their campaigns, not on what's right and constitutional, but on the results of the latest poll.
China rated highly on another poll that asked, "Will China eventually surpass the United States as the number one paper producing and consuming nation?
More often than not, the candidate whom pre-election polls indicate will win does in fact win.
The Pew poll also found that sizable majorities in much of Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia hold a "somewhat" to "very" favorable view of the U.
Two poll workers testified that they had been instructed to apply "qualification" procedures very strictly and, if there was any doubt, to deny the person the chance to vote.