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2010a), the casts of sauropod tracks are composed by triangular footprints with five digit marks (I, II and III laterally oriented) and handprints with pollex impressions.
Prenton captain Dave Williams Prenton Ladies captain Barbara Pollex
To obtain breaking forces, claws were clamped rigidly, and a container was suspended from the tip of the pollex by a loop of 4 mm diam.
Generally, the presence of pollex marks is a feature that is not found in advanced titanosaurs (Dalla Vecchia and Tarlao, 2000; Day et al.
Pereopod 1 (chelipeds) elongate, manus slightly compressed and increasing in width distally; pollex slightly deflexed, swollen in basal half, with small teeth on cutting edge; dactylus slightly curved, with small proximal tooth on cutting edge; curved tips cross each other and leave a small gape when fingers are closed.
Pollex & Associates Saint Clair Shores (586) 774-8130
Here, the dactyl and pollex were torn off at the first post-operation molt.
Over the years Pollex has hired recognizable and successful drivers Jeff Green, Jason Keller, Scott Riggs, Kenny Wallace, Michel Jourdain Jr.
For donor tissues, the dactyl, pollex, ischium, and merus/carpus joint of the autotomized claw were used.
The conference attracted global industry leaders like Intel, Texas Instruments, Philips, MontaVista, Opera Software, Pollex, and Teleca as main sponsors.
The following measurements were also included: internarial distance--distance between medial borders of nares; snout length--distance from tip of snout to anterior margin of eye; orbit-jaw distance--shortest distance between deepest region below eye and margin of upper jaw; naris-jaw distance--shortest distance between naris and margin of upper jaw; choana width--maximum width of choana; femur length--distance from tip of urostyle to distal end of femur; arm length--distance from proximal end of radio-ulna to proximal base of pollex; hand length--length from proximal base of pollex to tip of third finger; interfascicular distance--shortest distance between dentigerous fascicles; and tarsal length--distance from proximal border of inner metatarsal tubercle to proximal end of tibiale.
In snapping shrimps of the family Alpheidae, the major, or snapper, claw is almost as large as the abdomen and has a hammer on the moveable dactyl that fits into a reciprocal socket on the fixed pollex [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1A OMITTED] (Przibram, 1901).